Short History of Desert Magazine

Short History of Desert Magazine – What’s so interesting in deserts? Well, at the moment, there may be more interesting topics to cover. However, back then, there is a magazine about deserts that was popular nationally throughout the US. Meet Desert Magazine!

• About Desert Magazine
First published in 1937, Desert Magazine covered extensive reports on anything connected to Northwestern Mexico and the Southwestern United States. To be precise, they covered desert areas and communities such as Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. So yes, this magazines has been there for pretty long time, just as those games that become online and accessible in

The magazine itself was established by Randal Henderson and J. Wilson McKenney, two friends who are devoted to the desert. They (and Randal’s brother Cliff) are familiar with the deserts and see the interesting aspects to tell the world.

So, they published Desert Magazine with Randall as the editor. The publication was based in Palm Desert, California and stayed there until the last release. Because of the interesting coverage, Desert Magazine was nationally popular as reported by Los Angeles Times back in 1960.

• What Are The Contents?
Just like any other magazine, Desert Magazine covers different subjects such as travelogs, maps, visual arts (photography, painting, and drawing), literature (prose and poetry), natural history (wildlife, geology, flora, and rivers), mining (for both experts and layman), lifestyle (stories of human interest such as communities and sports), and cultural history. These contents are popular because there was no publication that covers the deserts before. In fact, Desert Magazine remained as the one and only American desert-focused publication that ever get nationally popular. The travelogs, one of its most popular subject of the magazine, are still relevant today.

• Is It Still In Circulation?
Unfortunately, this magazine is not in circulation anymore. After several years of active publication, McKenney left the team to take care of his health and family. However, Henderson was positive and faithfully continued the magazine production at the point that it reached national popularity. In the end, after 25 years, Henderson sold the magazine to retire. Since then, the magazine changed owners and editors and persevered until its last publication in 1985. The publication was never heard of again until 2006 when a website was dedicated to publish the past publications and new updates online.

Though the publication stopped in 1985, it’s undeniable how the magazine rose and stayed popular deserves some applause. If you are interested to see the magazine, now you can access its digital copies on the official website, Happy reading!

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Your Best California Desert Itinerary!

Your Best California Desert Itinerary! – When it comes to visiting California, most tourists will think about Hollywood, Pacific Coast Highway, and Fisherman’s Warf. Only few of them will think about visiting the desert. Meanwhile, desert is actually 25% of this country, and it hides wondrous charm. You should visit Alabama Hill when you plan for excellent star gazing, but these spots should totally in your list too.

1. Mobius Arch
If you want something very popular, this is it. Mobius Arch is just as popular when it comes to California dessert spot to visit. It gives you the best view during the sunset. At night, this is a spectacular photo spot where you can get the milky way through the arc as your background.

The best thing about this spot is that people rarely visit it. So you can enjoy the spot while taking photos as much as you want without exposing yourself to dangers. To be honest, many people make beautiful shots in here that earn many likes on their Instagram account. If you want something memorable other than winning online Sbobet in, you need to take a selfie here.

2. Boot Arch
This arch looks totally like boots. It is located not far from the Movie Road, and you can visit the Cyclops Arch as well as it is near to the location. The Movie Road is basically dusty when it isn’t muddy. The usual car or SUV should ride just fine in this road. You can always camp out at the hills near to this location, but there is no facility so make sure to pack everything.
The location is safe. However, it is always wise to camp out and unseen from the road. In addition to it, make sure to clean it up and make no trace.

3. Zabrieski Point
Zabrieski Point is the most popular spot for so many photographers. It looks terrific during the sunset, as the badland changes its color. It looks totally stunning and it is worth a visit. You can simply walk from the parking lot. But be careful, many people are fans of this spot so it can be a little crowded.

If you have enough of the city, and you want some adventures, these three spots should serve you well. Enjoying the nature while being free will be an awesome experience. Every once in a while, you should try visiting the California desert and try these spots.

What are the best things to do in Palm Springs, California?
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What are the best things to do in Palm Springs, California?

What are the best things to do in Palm Springs, California? – Do you know that California is a house of some awesome dessert in the United States? There are at least five pretty deserts which offer various things to the visitors. One of those deserts is Palm Spring, California. This dessert is also well known as a desert resort city in California. In geographical, the Palm Spring is located in the east of San Bernardino.

The Palm Spring can be the best holiday destination for traveling with your beloved ones or families. You can see modern architecture, arts also cultural building in here. There are many attractive things to do in Palm Springs, California.
– Biking
You can explore the city of Palm Springs by riding under the sun. Palm Springs has well- maintained bike trails that suitable for biking activity. You can see the historic buildings around the neighborhood.

– Village Fest
If you visit the Palm Springs, one best tourist attraction that you can do is enjoying the Palm Springs VillageFest. It is a street fair which held every Thursday night on the downtown of Palm Springs. You can try delicious food, go shopping and see the city of art. It’s like enjoying a feast in the desert. There are many music performances as well, including the performance by the group, instrumentalist and solo performers.

– Visit the Museum
There is a museum in Palm Springs area called Palm Springs Art Museum. The museum is built in modern architecture and features many collections. They are art and natural science collections. The art collections provide various art glass, sculptures, and contemporary arts. In the natural science section, there are collections from biology, archaeology, and geology.

– Explore the Desert
You can explore the desert by hiking with join a tour company which can easily find in the Palm Springs area. You can take a tour by jeep or hike with a guide from the professional tour guide. You can explore the land of Palm

– Springs desert happily!
There are many fun activities that you can do in Palm Springs, California such as biking, visiting the VillageFest, going to the museum and exploring the desert with the help from the professional guide. It will be a memorable holiday for you and your beloved ones!

This is the Enchantment of Death Valley with a Unique Expanse of Desert

This is the Enchantment of Death Valley with a Unique Expanse of Desert

The United States, especially California, turned out to save extreme places dubbed as the hottest temperature in the world. The beauty of the snow mountains blends perfectly with the row of hills, valleys and wilderness. Spot valleys and deserts can be said to be the hottest area. Because the water content is very small and the geological place is also low. Although the feel of this place is hot, unfriendly. But it was opened to unique and extreme tourist destinations.

As a tourist attraction, of course, the area has an interesting spot. Tourists who visit will not feel bored. Instead they will feel a different sensation while there. Especially when using a car and exploring the area called Artist’s Drive. Natural charm that is presented in the form of a row of steep cliffs. Despite the extreme ambient temperature, a cool breeze can be felt.

Another area that exudes an aura of beauty called Zabriskie Point. This is an area in the form of plains containing high hills. You can climb this hill then enjoy the beauty of Death Valley from that place. Especially when the sun rises or sets. The charm of death valley as a whole is very beautiful. Various colors emitted beautifully. Makes you speechless. Only cameras can capture it.

The unique nature that is presented by this destination is still another. Call it Badwater Basin and Telescope Park. When visitors are at the Badwater Basin location, the amazement does not stop. There is a vast salt plain. This plain is categorized as low elevation in the United States. It has even been named the lowest elevation area in the world. If measured it is only 282 meters from o sea ​​level.

Another case with Telescope Peak which has a height of 3454 meters above sea level. This area is claimed to be the highest place. Visitors are free to enjoy the beauty of the desert, valley and mountains from here. They usually don’t use the naked eye. Tools such as telescopes are also presented to see nature as a whole. Because the elevation difference between Badwater Basin and Telescope Peak is very high. Many interpret it as a form of elevation of the Everest mountains with the Tibetan plateau.

In closing tourist destinations to this unique desert. You can go to Scotty’s Castle. The castle is right in the middle of the oasis. With a distinctive shape of a classic medieval building. This castle was once owned by a cowboy named Scotty. You can free photos by taking a background of ancient castles that still stand majestically. Even though you have been in the castle area for a long time it doesn’t matter. This is one of the exotic sites that must be visited while on vacation in addition to visiting the city of Las Vegas while winning travel prizes from online site

That is the unique death valley, a tourist destination that has a beautiful desert area with a special exotic. Although the temperature of this area is very hot, it stings. You don’t need to worry or worry. Because of its beauty you can feel the maximum in spring and winter. Because the extraordinary heat will not be felt.

Interesting Facts about Joshua Tree National Park
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Interesting Facts about Joshua Tree National Park

There are several national parks that you could visit in California and one of them is Joshua Tree National Park. What is special about this park? Here are some interesting facts of Joshua Tree National park.

An Ancient Desert
Joshua Tree National Park is located between The Mojave Desert which is the high desert and the Colorado Desert. This park is a large ancient desert with around 790,000 square acres. Therefore, please note that there is no water, food service, street lights and electricity. When you plan to visit this park, please make sure you bring plenty of drinking waters and food.

Must Visit Sites
The Joshua tree is originally from the Southwestern United States and most are in the Mojave Desert. Besides this, there are other sites that you could visit here such as the Hidden Valley, Intersection Rock, and Arch Rock.

Options of Stay
If you really want to get the real experience of nature, camping in Joshua Tree is an amazing experience. There are around 300 campsites around the park boundaries. But please note that there is no water or electricity, you will need to bring everything that you need. you can bring your own camp or rent it from the campsite. There are some campsites that will need a reservation in advance but also some which offer first come first serve basis. Make sure that you do some research first on which campsite that you want to stay.

If you are not a fan of camping, there are some options of AirBnB outside of Joshua Tree National Park but still in the town. The price starts at around USD$ 70 per night. It is more expensive than renting a spot in a campsite, but it is more convenient.

Beware of Coyotes
It is very common to see coyotes in the park; therefore, you will need to know what to do when you meet one of them. If you do a camping, you also can hear at nights the sound of coyotes. Do not come close to them or feed them, please remember that they are wild and could harm you.

So, if you plan to visit Joshua Tree National Park, please be aware that maybe there is a limited mobile phone connection. Prepare what you will need such as water, food supply, power bank, portable lighting and emergency kits. Decide where do you want to stay either in the campsite or AirBnB depends on what is suitable for you. Remember to always follow the rules given by the local authority.

Looking for a Complete Documentation of Californian Deserts? See Desert Magazine!
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Looking for a Complete Documentation of Californian Deserts? See Desert Magazine!

Looking for a Complete Documentation of Californian Deserts? See Desert Magazine! – The statement “If you don’t live in it, you don’t truly know the place.” is true in most regions in the world. However, that may not be true when we talk about American deserts thanks to Desert Magazine – people in and outside the area became knowledgeable about the deserts thanks to several dedicated rat deserts.
• A Little History of The Magazine
In Desert Magazine, there are two important rat deserts that made the publication possible: Randall Henderson and J. Wilson McKenney. These two friends had known Californian deserts throughout their whole life. In their opinion, there are things that are missed by most eyes, giving deserts a certain charm that is worth telling the world. Thus, with McKenney’s support, Henderson found and published the first edition of Desert Magazine in 1937.

While Henderson only continued to work on the magazine for 25 years (McKenney left several years before him), the magazine became well known in both Western and Eastern US, like those online poker games in today. The popularity continued to grow even after Desert Magazine passed to several hands of new owners and editors until the last publication in 1985.

• What Can You Gain From It?
People who never heard of Desert Magazine would wonder, “What’s so interesting about deserts?” and assume that desert documentation would be as boring as seeing the sand plains. However, Desert Magazine begs to differ. They don’t only describe the deserts, they also tell stories from different subjects about them. These subjects include travelogs, literature, maps, sports, homemaking, natural and cultural histories, and science topics ranging from mineralogy, geology, botany, and archeology. They even presented mining subjects in layman terms – a rare, fresh take for a magazine during the era.

• Is It Popular?
Because it is the only magazine dedicated to the American desert, Desert Magazine is already popular. However, it is thanks to specific information that is not widely known, explained in detail and a pleasant writing style that is easily digested by the general public. That info looked exotic and interesting during the Depression. As the Los Angeles Times said in 1960, Who would have thought that you could pick up a cactus, and arouse enough interest in it nationally to make magazines with circulation throughout East and West? “

Documentation can’t get any more fun yet precise at the same time – Desert Magazine is the only dedicated magazine about deserts in the western American region. If you are interested to explore those areas, you can read their travelogs in their digital documentations.

See Californian Deserts In The Past in Desert Magazine’s Website
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See Californian Deserts In The Past in Desert Magazine’s Website

See Californian Deserts In The Past in Desert Magazine’s Website – Old magazine has its own charm. Since there is no internet, old magazines tend to be more specific to certain topics or regions in great detail. One of them is Desert Magazine, a publication that covered extensive details of many interests about Western American deserts.

• Why Was Desert Magazine Established?
The Magazine was first started from simple astonishment of rat deserts, siblings Randall and Cliff Henderson and J. Wilson McKenney. Living in Palm Desert, California, they are well-acquainted with the deserts. They are similar to those online gambling players who share their tricks and tips to other players.

As the experience with the desert increases, they (especially Randall) found hidden gems in deserts in Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico. These findings led them to first publication of Desert Magazine in 1937.

• What’s So Interesting About Deserts?
What do you think is interesting about deserts? Unless you are a fellow rat desert like the Hendersons and McKenney, then nothing may come up to mind. However, according to Los Angeles Times, the contents of Desert Magazine aroused national interest. In one of their edition in 1960, Los Angeles Times claimed that the magazine was able to make a cactus interesting nationwide.

Of course, cactus is not the only thing Desert Magazine talks about. It is quite similar to any general magazine as it covers different subjects all at once. If you read it, you will found information regarding communities, interesting personalities, geographical information, science-related forums (archaeology, botany, and mineralogy), mining for laymen, literature, history (both cultural and natural), and sports. These topics apparently were popular because it was seen as exotic by Americans during the Depression.

See Californian Deserts

• Where Can You See The Magazine?
Unfortunately, even the most dedicated rat desert can’t stay too long with the publication. McKenney left Desert Magazine after a few years to take care of personal issues. Meanwhile, Henderson sold the magazine for retirement after 25 years. Since then, Desert Magazine changed owners and editors throughout the years until the publication officially terminated in 1985. So, there are no new issues today.

Fortunately, Rocko’ released a website for Desert Magazine in 2006. This website has complete editions of the late publications in .pdf form and new daily updates. Visit if you are interested.

Looking plainly, most deserts are vastly dry and boring. However, sands aside, there are things that are hidden within the horizons that not many know about. Desert Magazine was brought by dedicated rat deserts to share these little things from the 1930s up to the 1980s.

Want To Travel In The Desert? Follow These Easy Tips!
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Want To Travel In The Desert? Follow These Easy Tips!

Want To Travel In The Desert? Follow These Easy Tips! – The desert is one of the most popular tourist destinations today. Although as far as the eye can see all that is visible is a stretch of sand. But the charm that is displayed to visitors is so extraordinary. They are free to take photos on several spots that are preferred. In addition visitors are free to explore the desert with a mode of transportation that supports.

Travel sensation like that fun right? The more perfect atmosphere feels when you are able to optimally prepare. There are several things that travelers must fulfill when choosing a desert as their destination. Let’s consider the following explanation:

  1. The clothes worn must be right
    Deserts have hot and dry weather conditions. While there you must ensure that all clothes are not too thick. We recommend choosing clothes that absorb sweat, thin but not transparent. The color of the type of business clothes that reflect the sun’s heat. It is important that you do not feel excessive heat. After knowing the special characteristics of clothes for traveling to the desert. You can bring it in sufficient quantities.
  1. Using Sunblock
    The weather conditions in the desert area are indeed different from the others. Stinging heat can directly darken the skin. Moreover, the main activity is outside the room. So we can be sure the skin always gets dark easily. So that your skin is moisturized and free from the bad effects of ultraviolet rays. When you want to do activities in the desert, you first apply sunblock cream.
  2. Head Protector Always Used
    Being long in the desert area can make you dizzy. Moreover, the sun’s rays are very strong when the morning has changed. Therefore always use head protector in various types. For example, hats, scarves and others. The equipment is proven effective in resisting the bad effects of sunlight on your head.
  3. Black sunglasses are always carried
    Desert areas can also cause discomfort to the eye. A traveler should wear sunglasses after ten o’clock in the morning. Because the equipment is able to make a traveler’s eyes safe, there are no health problems in the future. However, sunlight is generally able to harm the eyes if exposed for too long.
  4. Consume Water Consumption
    Bodies that are in hot, dry areas, and exposure to strong sunlight generally become dehydrated. Even those symptoms have frequent frequency. So that the body does not lose fluids, try to always have water in your luggage when in the desert. Try to drink water more often. So that there is body fluid that is replaced.
  5. Jackets Need to Be Prepared
    Despite the extreme heat in the desert. However, strong winds can come without knowing the time. So that the bad effects of the wind can be minimized. You should provide a jacket in your traveling bag. That way whenever the wind comes you don’t panic.

These tips can you apply when traveling to the desert. You are guaranteed safe without any health problems due to extreme weather influences. Your traveling activities will go according to plan.

Death Valley, Mysterious and Must Visit Desert in California
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Death Valley, Mysterious and Must Visit Desert in California

Death Valley, Mysterious and Must Visit Desert in California – When travelers hear about Death Valley, the first thing that comes up might be a mysterious and creepy place in California. Actually, that idea is not so wrong, but then this mysterious place also has something stunning to show to all travelers. Visiting Death Valley should be in your bucket list now. Before travelers start to explore this place, there is few things travelers have to notice.

Tourist Spots near Death Valley
Almost the same with its title as one of mysterious desert in California, travelers should know where to go and which one is the best access to go to Death Valley. Learning about the area before visiting is just as important as learning the rules before playing online blackjack Death Valley is located in Furnace Creek. Furnace Creek itself has already provide complete facility for all travelers such as restaurants, minimarkets, gas stations, and also resorts.

Go to the west from the main park, travelers will find Panamint Springs. This is another tourist spot than facilitates all travelers to transit and get some rest before they continue the journey to Death Valley. Here travelers will find another gas station, minimarkets, and also resorts. For travelers who want to stay around Death Valley, either Furnace Creek or Panamint Springs could be the best choice.

Access to Death Valley
For travelers who wants to visit Death Valley, they can take a day package from Las Vegas to visit Death Valley. The package has already provided all facilities for travelers include transportation from the city. However, if you still want to try driving to Death Valley to find new experiences, you can choose these ways to go to Death Valley.

-Enter from California
If travelers are entering Death Valley via city of California, travelers can choose West Highway. Take Highway 365 to Highway 190. Through this way, travelers can stop by in Panamint Springs as one of tourist attraction around Death Valley.

-Enter from Furnace Creek
If travelers choose to enter Death Valley through Furnace Creek, take head south passing the Badwaters, until travelers find Desolation Canyon. Through this way, travelers will find some other tourists spots around Death Valley, but they have to travel further than taking Highway via California.

This would be one of unforgettable experience travelers will get in California. Desert in California is the most wanted tourist spots to be visited, and Death Valley is one of the best desert in your bucket list. Do not forget to prepare anything either you will take a day trip package or take a long driving with your loved ones.

3 Reasons Why Mojave Desert Deserve Your Love and Respect
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3 Reasons Why Mojave Desert Deserve Your Love and Respect

3 Reasons Why Mojave Desert Deserve Your Love and Respect – Many people who haven’t been to Mojave Desert must think it is just an overrated wasteland that doesn’t deserve more attention. Well, it isn’t true. There are so many reasons why it is considered as protected wilderness since 2016. Here are the least three reasons why you will directly love and respect Mojave Desert.

The Mojave Folk
Mojave Desert was once called Hayikwiir Mat’aar. This desert was once the territorial of the Mojave Tribe, and that is where the desert name came from. This area stretches between LA and Las Vegas. The tribe once consisted of around 4,000 people divided in 22 clans.
Today, as the effect of European occupation and many major history events, there are around 988 people of the tribe. AS for the clans, 18 still exist until now.

Incredible Wildlife
There are fantastic species of animals in this desert that provoke scientists and photographers to spend the nights here. During the day, you may see the common lizards around. But when the night comes, you may see some fantastic creatures.
It includes cougars, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, many kinds of snakes, tortoise, bighorn sheep, cottontails, jackrabbits, ravens, and red tail hawks. If you’re lucky, you will see tarantula and the predator, which is large wasps with bright red orange wings.

Forest of Joshua Tree
The Joshua trees were named by the Mormons who passed this area first and refer it to the moment when Joshua lifted up his arm to pray in the Bible. While many of the trees are thousand years old, there is speculation that the population will be reduced significantly at the end of 21st century.
Many scientists believe that the reduction will reach 90% of today’s population. This fact is devastating but the climate change is something unavoidable.

There are still many more reasons why you should love, respect, and protect the Mojave Desert. Learn more on this region and you’ll be surprised.

Palm Desert, Best Attraction for Adventurous Soul

Palm Desert, Best Attraction for Adventurous Soul

Talking about desert around California, Palm Desert and Palm Spring should be one of the most favorite tourist from all around the world. This is such a wonderful place that has breath-taking view around the desert. As one of the most favorite desert around California, Palm Desert should not be visited in summer since in daytime the temperature could reach 70?F. But in another season, this place become must be visited place around California.

1. Rotating Aerial Tram Car
Visiting Palm desert can never be completed without trying Palm Spring Aerial Tramway around the place. This area is highly popular that it is featured in so many videos and images on online gambling site in The tram way is the biggest aerial tram car ever built. Travelers will see such a fantastic view around the desert. Using aerial tram car is also one of the easiest ways for you to visit Palm Desert without getting tired of walking

  • 10.000 feet Above Desert
    Using aerial tram car in this place will be one of your unforgettable moments. This aerial tram car can fly 10.000 feet above Palm Desert. From this height, travelers will see such a beautiful scenery of desert. Do not forget to prepare your camera when you try this tram car, and get fabulous picture from 10.000 feet above.
  • Mount San Jacinto
    Another attraction in this area is visiting Mount San Jacinto and feels the fresh air on the top of the mountain. Travelers will see two observatory and also decks for travelers to take a rest. On another place, travelers also will find restaurants complete with its historical display about Palm Desert and Palm Spring.

For travelers who have adventurous soul, you might try hiking around the desert. Through all hiking trails, travelers will see pine tree until travelers reach top of Mount San Jacinto. If travelers come on winter, do not forget to come with complete equipment because possible snow falls in this area when winter comes.

2. Indian Canyon
When visiting Palm Spring, travelers should try to visit Palm Canyon in that same area. This 15-mile of Canyon offers the best view and unique scenery. If travelers are already tired to walk, they can try to find short track around the Canyon. Long Track also available for travelers who want to try more adventurous experience around Palm Spring.

To get this experience, you have to prepare the entire route and also your own equipment since in this area might be difficult to find your private equipment. If you plan to come in summer, you have to change your schedule because the weather is too hot for you to visit.

Fun Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park
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Fun Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park

Have you ever heard about Joshua Tree National Park? If you have been to the desert of California, you may have been familiar with this amazing park. This great park is located near the Colorado desert and the Mojave desert. It offers amazing rolling mountains and also giant granite boulder. So, what are the fun things that you can do in this park?

Common Knowledge
Many visitors say that this park is able to offer such an unforgettable experience ever. They can easily hike or walk among the trees, camp on the open land and watch the stars, climb the amazing towering rock walls, capture great photography, and also enjoy the calmness of the desert at the same time.

This park is located between the Colorado desert and the Mojave desert. It has been able to provide the complex landscape along with its unique vegetation and appearances based on its varied elevation. Some of the areas in this park are being covered by Joshua threes while another areas are devoid completely of these trees however have been been able to provide their own special beauty. You can see that this park is well positioned where you can hike and climb and do lots of things here.

Hidden Valley Nature Trail
One thing that you can do in this national park is to explore its hidden valley area. This area is the most stunning and easiest location to explore in the park. It is also perfect for you if you are looking for the area to enjoy the trees or the rock formations. This nature trail is the perfect area to enjoy one mile trail which leads to the area of the rock walls. This area is also considered as barren area since it doesn’t have lots of Joshua trees around it. One of the popular climbing spots in this nature trail is the Great Burrito.

Keys View
You can also visit Keys View if you are in this National park. You can find that the lookout point of the area has 5,000 feet elevation point where you can easily enjoy the amazing views of the Coachella Valley. In far distance, you can also spot the Salton Sea, Palm Spring, San Andreas fault line and also Mexico when the day is clear. If it is a clear day, you can also enjoy the amazing views of its surrounding areas. While you drive to Keys View, you can see that the elevation is changing and also its weather. It becomes cooler as you reach the location.

These are some great things that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park. What else that you expect? It’s great already.

Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting California Deserts
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Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting California Deserts

Mojave Desert is worth a visit. However being a desert, it has several conditions that require you to be aware of certain things. This is why you need to make a research first on things you are allowed to and not allowed to do. Here is a little list you can follow for guide.

The Do’s

To amuse you, let’s see things that you are allowed to when it comes to visiting Mojave Desert:

1.Visit during the spring or during the fall.
During these seasons, the area is in most friendly and welcoming stage. It isn’t too windy so the risk of getting something into your eyes is smaller. In addition to it, the desert isn’t too hot during the day or too cold during the night at these seasons.

2.Consult to rangers
Trail and road conditions in the desert change from time to time. The rangers will know about it. It is recommended to consult to rangers about where you are going. It also makes sure they know you are there in case things happen.

3.Bring more water
The general suggestion is a gallon per day for each person, but this is just the minimum amount. It won’t hurt to bring more just in case. It is also recommended to use plastic bottle which is lighter and way practical.

The Don’ts
Now you know what you can do there. Let’s find out things you absolutely can’t do in the desert:

1. Visit the desert during summer or winter
During the summer, the temperature can reach to 100°F to the least. This goes until the early fall. During the winter, the temperature can be very cold and the wind can reach to 25 mph or more.

2. Adventuring not as advised
Especially during the summer, it is suggested to keep on the main road or trail. While it makes sure you aren’t too far from the main paved road, the patrols check on it periodically, so you’ll be far from troubles.

3. Count on spring for water
Yes, you will find several water springs on the map, and it is meant as water source. However, the water still needs to be purified. In addition to it, it may already get dried up when you finally reach the spring if you are quite far from it.

Visiting the desert can be thrilling and fun. However, this is a little adventure and you need to know what you’re doing. Dig on some more guides to make sure you can enjoy the visit safely.

Amazing Spots in Death Valley National Park
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Amazing Spots in Death Valley National Park

What will cross to your mind when you heard about dessert? Some people might answer hot and dry. The deserts in California are amazingly awesome. The landscape is beautiful with magnificence desert and its exotic plants as the oasis.

There are some awesome deserts in California that can be a place to recharge your energy. Palm Springs, Death Valley National Park, Greater Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and more, you can name it!

For those of you who are planning to go for a vacation to the Death Valley National Park, here is the list of some amazing spots that you with should see in there.

Zabriskie Point

You won’t believe in the view presented by the Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park, California. As far as it goes, you will see an amazing landscape of desert which from the heave-sand mountain in gold, brown and orange that blow you away.

You can do a hiking track to go to this sanctuary place. It takes less 7.8 miles from the Zabriskie point. You can see the sunrise from here. If you waking up early and reach the Zabriskie Point, you will witness a gold light from the sunrise. You will see pretty pink and purple color as it touching the Panamint Range over the valley.

The Sand Hills near Stovepipe Wells

Most people will scream when they see the beautiful sandhills spread wide in front of them. This pretty sandhill is the view that you will get in the Sand Hills near the Stovepipe Wells. The amazing landscape of flat sand hills which creating a waving shadow is the favorite spot for photographers. The Mountain as the backdrop makes the view just perfect!

The Race Track

If you ever see about the mysterious stones that can walk by themselves in the middle of mud desert, it must be the Race Track. This phenomenon is quite famous and broadcast on the TV and newspaper. If you want to see this with your eyes, you have to go here.

There are many amazing spots in Death Valley National Park that you have to visit. Some spots that will blow your mind away are Zabriskie Point, The Sand Hills near Stovepipe Wells, and The Race Track.

What You Can Expect in California Desert, California
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What You Can Expect in California Desert, California

Have you planned your holiday this year? Do you ever think to spend your holiday in a desert? You may be surprised that desert can actually offer such amazing yet unforgettable attractions that you cannot imagine before. One of the most popular desert which can give these amazing holiday experiences is California Desert, California, USA. What can you find here?

Red Rock Canyon State Park
This great park has become the home to a stunning desert landscape along with its special rock formations, buttes and also cliffs. It is also a great spot to enjoy the desert wildlife such as lizards, hawks, and also roadrunners. In this area, you can enjoy the amazing rock art and also to sneak peak at the old villages.

Calico Ghost Town

Calico Ghost Town
This ghost town is located for about 10 miles from Barstow in east side. It has been a famous American town back in 1881 up to 1896. It was also one of the silver producers in America. However, when the silver price plummeted in 1895, the silver mines in Calico was closed down and then declined. Then, in 1954, this ghost town was being restored by Knott’s Berry Farm owner and has been changed into a new tourist attraction and being completed with stores, restaurants, and also many other activities.

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
If you head northwest for about 85 miles from San Diego, you will find an entrance to one of the state park located in California. It is called Anza-Borrego Desert State park. This park covers more than 600,000 acres area of the remote landscape of a desert. Here, people can find cacti, flowers, palm groves, canyons, alluvial land and also dunes. The cacti and flowers will bloom in March and also April. You will also be able to enjoy the amazing views at Colorado desert edge.

Algodones Dunes
You can find Algodones Dunes for about 20 miles from California if you head southeast. Algodones Dunes is the largest dune in the continent. You can find beautiful sands along its remote path. This dune is considered to be one of the less visited deserts in California. The main reason is that there are no nearby cities located in the area as well as the roads to reach this dune. However, if you want to camp along this Algodones dunes, you can set your tents along the North Algodones Dunes Wilderness Area but this location is not permitted to be accessible by motorcycles or cars.

These are some amazing attractions that you can find in California desert, California, USA. Have you planned to visit these amazing places during your holiday? Let’s try them out!

Amazing Things in Joshua Tree National Park for the Travelers
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Amazing Things in Joshua Tree National Park for the Travelers

This national park is located where Colorado desert and Mojave desert meet. There are lots of amazing things in Joshua Tree National Park that the travelers cannot miss. These amazing things may not be able to find in another national parks in California, USA. What are they?

Wildflowers in Spring
Of course, spring can be very great if you want to spend your holiday in this desert. You will be astounding on what Joshua Tree National Park can offer. In spring, Joshua trees themselves are blooming along with another plants like cactus, shrubs, and many more in this national park. The best spot to enjoy these amazing wildflowers blooms is the area near the Cottonwood Spring. You can also see these amazing blooms along the road which leads out to the Interstate 10.

Near the Cottonwood Spring, you can find lots of small Joshua trees scattered in some areas. These small Joshua trees are more interesting when they bloom compared to larger Joshua trees as they tend to bloom lower on the ground and near the level of the eyes so that the visitors can enjoy the view easily. You can see the beautiful colors of Joshua trees’ flowers ranging from blue, purple, pink to red, orange, and yellow.

Bouldering and Rock Climbing
Another amazing thing that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park is bouldering and rock climbing. These two activities are the most popular ones in this park. Joshua Tree has provided many climbing formations and also climbing routes. The visitors can get this information easily from the maps and pamphlets.

Lots of climbers visit Joshua Tree National Park during the winter. There are lots of spots to choose in this national park. However, most climbers like to spend their days climbing in the Hidden Valley area and its nearby location. Therefore, if you visit Hidden Valley during the winter, you will see that lots of the camping areas are already being occupied. The high peak happens in February and also March.

Skull Rock
Another amazing thing that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park is to visit its most popular landscape known as Skull Rock. Lots of visitors describe the rock formation in this area as the form of the skull. The rock has shaped into skull and peer out with the boulder strewn rubble. This skull rock is located near the road and is always able to attract visitors.

Isn’t great that you can do lots of amazing things in Joshua Tree National Park? If you haven’t planned your holiday in the winter, you can try to arrange the visit to this national park. Have fun!

Tips to Visit California Desert
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Tips to Visit California Desert

If you are planning to visit California particularly the desert area, there are few tips that you should know before you visit these sites.

Prepare Your Vehicle
Many people do a road trip to explore California. Make sure that the vehicle is prepared for the road trip with rough driving conditions. Make sure that you fill up on gas, bring the car charger, and the GPS navigation system.

Knows What to Pack
When you plan the trip to the desert in California, you will need to bring some essential parts such as water, sunblock, power bank, the map just in case you don’t get any connection to check online maps, and comfortable clothes such as a lightweight cotton shirt. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes because you will do lots of walks and even hiking. Wear a hat to protect your head and your face from the sun. you will also need to bring a jacket and wool hat since if you plan to go camping, the temperature could be very cold at night. Please make sure to check also the weather condition before you go.

Book the Campsite and Follow the Rules
To avoid any hassle, you will need to book the campsite in advance, so you will get a spot especially during a holiday or in the popular area. When you go camping, you will also need to follow the rules of the campsite. As you may have aware that wildfires commonly happen in California and this year has been very terrible, make sure that you follow the rules for building a campfire and make

Prepare Well for the Hiking
When you plan to do hiking you will need to check first for all the warnings from the park. Since some of the areas will have no connection on the cell phone service, it is advisable if you let others know about your plan, where you will go hiking and what time you are supposed to go back. Bring plenty waters and some emergency kit in your backpack. Avoid doing hiking alone and always follow the trails.

Beware of Wildlife
In California dessert, sometimes people will meet wild animals such as rattlesnakes, coyotes, black bear or even mountain lions. Do some research first on what to do when unfortunately meet these animals. Watch out when you do hike and always beware of your surroundings.

In Conclusion, the well-prepared trip will give you more advantages because it will make your life easier and you could enjoy it more with less hassle. Make sure that you have covered the above list and have fun exploring the desert in California.

What You Can Do in California Desert, California
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What You Can Do in California Desert, California

It is true that the beauty of California desert is able to attract many visitors with lots of amazing attractions. If you have been in the Death valley national park, you may know that it has lots of attractions such as ghost town, wide salt flats, and also vast expanses. You can also visit Joshua Tree National park if you want to enjoy Colorado and Mojave desert landscapes. So, what you can actually do in California desert, California?

Joshua Tree National Park
The first thing to do in California desert is to visit Joshua Tree National Park. This amazing park is being named after the tree growing in the Mojave desert. This park provides a beautiful landscape of the amazing mountains, rock formations and also a unique site. Most travelers state that this park has its spiritual and peaceful atmosphere. Lots of hiking trails have been made which lead to the trees and also the park’s high points. If you want to enjoy its serenity, you can take the hiking trails.

When you visit Joshua Tree National Park in the winter, you can find that many climbers have set their tends to camp in this park. You may also find that if you visit this famous park in the winter, you may find it difficult to get a vacant spot for camping.

Salton Sea Recreation Area
In California desert, you can also find the ancient lake. It is called Salton Sea Recreation Area. This is a dried up bed of lake which transforms into the sea in 1905. The water is mainly from Colorado River which flooded into its lake’s bed and covers it up to 82 feet depth. You may be surprised that this inland lake has become one of the most popular attractions that you have to visit when you are in California desert.

You can also find that this Salton Sea Recreation Area is located on the northern bank. There are lots of picnic areas and also campsites along the bank. If you are interested in fishing, you may find that this area is the great spot for fishing. The visitors from also love this area since they can have various water sports. Furthermore, if you love to enjoy beautiful birds, you can visit this area as it is also great for the bird watching lovers.

These are two great attractions that you can find in California desert, California. There are also lots of interesting amusements in this area. Have a great holiday!

The Three Top Desert Destination in California USA
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The Three Top Desert Destination in California USA

California is famous for its big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, California is also well known for the desert destination. These are three top desert destination that you can visit in California

The Mojave Desert
The Mojave Desert became famous as the popular tourists’ destination because of Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also several places that you can visit in The Mojave desert area such as Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Park. Other spots that tourists like to visit in The Mojave Desert area are Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

The Colorado Desert
Being part of the Sonoran Desert, the Colorado Desert in California has the size around 7 million acres. The Coachella and Imperial Valleys are located in the Colorado Desert. The Colorado Desert is famous for the wide selections of flora and fauna.

Common wildlife that you can find in The Colorado Desert including desert kangaroo cat, black-tailed jackrabbit, desert tortoise and many more. There are several national parks in the Colorado Desert such as Joshua Tree National Park, Imperial NWR, Indio Hills Palms and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

The Great Basin Desert

The Great Basin Desert
This desert located between the Sierra Nevada and the Wasatch Range. The Great Basin actually consists of several small basins. It is the largest U.S Dessert which located in Nevada, Oregon and Idaho.

There are two famous spots to visit in Great Basin which are Forty Mile Desert and The Great Salt Lake Desert. The Great Basin Desert is also well-known as a home for endangered species such as Least Tern Bird, Utah Prairie Dog, and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.

So, if you are an adventure seeker and want to explore something different in California, these three desert destinations could be perfect for you. You also can check the best time for the weather to visit these places.

Top Reasons to Go to Mojave Desert
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Top Reasons to Go to Mojave Desert

There are too many wildlife wonders in this desert than you can count. You will instantly feel very Western and get your imagination on. Beside the fantastic flora and fauna in Mojave Desert, there are more to enjoy in this area. Here are several top reasons why people keep coming to this desert.

Feeling of Nostalgia
The area is like one in the movie scene. You should find that the desert landscape is abound with restored rail station just across. You will also find motels with a long history, and old neon signs. You should also try to dine in one of the classic options of eatery. Many people recommend Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café in Victorville or Summit Inn in Oak Hills.

Death Valley and Ghost Town Wonders
The desert is the home of the most varied desert terrain in the world even until today. The landscape is so amazing and it looks totally wonderful during day and night. While it is worth the protection, it deserves your visit too. There are also gold mining towns that are left. These ghost towns are more than interesting to explore.

Learn and Relax
When you visit this area, there is no escape but you will want to know the history. Unlike you may have expected, Mojave Desert history involves 16,000 years old rare petroglyphs. Then, when you’re done learning, visit the High Sierra where you will find Mount Whitney and cool down a bit, enjoying the landscape.

So Mojave Desert has everything you may want to have. The nostalgic feeling is there to enjoy and experience. Meanwhile the valley and towns are too intriguing and inviting to miss. Then, we have the history and the best place to hide away for a while. This is a whole and complete package, and it is enough to attract you here.

What to Do When Visiting the Mojave Desert
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What to Do When Visiting the Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is one of the deserts in California that is popular as tourist’s destination. Even though it is classified as the driest desert in North America, there are three famous places that you can visit in The Mojave Desert.

Red Rock Canyon State Park
Red Rock Canyon State Park is famous for its scenic cliffs, hills and stunning rock constructions. Located in the southern area of the Sierra Nevada, the park is famous as a home for wildlife such as hawks, lizards, squirrels and roadrunners. The activity that you can do here is camping which the sites located in Ricardo Campground. The campground offers facilities such as around 50 campsites, pit toilets and firewood.

Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park is one of the most interesting places to see in California. It offers various natures such as mountains, sand dunes, colourful hills, lake and salt flats. In Death Valley National Park you can visit Dante’s View, Artists Palette, Badwater, Ballarat Ghost Town and Zabriskie Point. Death Valley National Park is located in the Nevada Border, in the east side of the Sierra Nevada.

Mojave National Preserve
Mojave National Preserve is the third largest area of the National Parks in the United States with the size around 1,600,000 acres. It is famous for the natures such as the Marl Mountains, Cima Dome, Cinder Cone Lava Beds and Kelso Dunes.

You can also find the largest Joshua Tree Forest near the cross of Teutonia peak trail. If you like to go hiking, you can try to hike in Teutonia Peak, Kelso Dunes, Rings Trail, or Lava Tube. For those who like to go camping, there is Hole in the Wall Campground located next to Rings Trail or you can also build the camp in most spots as long you can find the firepits set up.

Make sure that you visit these three places in the best time since sometimes in summer, the heat can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that you have good preparation to go to the Mojave Desert and enjoy nature.