What to Do When Visiting the Mojave Desert

The Mojave Desert is one of the deserts in California that is popular as tourist’s destination. Even though it is classified as the driest desert in North America, there are three famous places that you can visit in The Mojave Desert.

Red Rock Canyon State Park
Red Rock Canyon State Park is famous for its scenic cliffs, hills and stunning rock constructions. Located in the southern area of the Sierra Nevada, the park is famous as a home for wildlife such as hawks, lizards, squirrels and roadrunners. The activity that you can do here is camping which the sites located in Ricardo Campground. The campground offers facilities such as around 50 campsites, pit toilets and firewood.

Death Valley National Park
Death Valley National Park is one of the most interesting places to see in California. It offers various natures such as mountains, sand dunes, colourful hills, lake and salt flats. In Death Valley National Park you can visit Dante’s View, Artists Palette, Badwater, Ballarat Ghost Town and Zabriskie Point. Death Valley National Park is located in the Nevada Border, in the east side of the Sierra Nevada.

Mojave National Preserve
Mojave National Preserve is the third largest area of the National Parks in the United States with the size around 1,600,000 acres. It is famous for the natures such as the Marl Mountains, Cima Dome, Cinder Cone Lava Beds and Kelso Dunes.

You can also find the largest Joshua Tree Forest near the cross of Teutonia peak trail. If you like to go hiking, you can try to hike in Teutonia Peak, Kelso Dunes, Rings Trail, or Lava Tube. For those who like to go camping, there is Hole in the Wall Campground located next to Rings Trail or you can also build the camp in most spots as long you can find the firepits set up.

Make sure that you visit these three places in the best time since sometimes in summer, the heat can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that you have good preparation to go to the Mojave Desert and enjoy nature.

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