Top Reasons to Go to Mojave Desert

There are too many wildlife wonders in this desert than you can count. You will instantly feel very Western and get your imagination on. Beside the fantastic flora and fauna in Mojave Desert, there are more to enjoy in this area. Here are several top reasons why people keep coming to this desert.

Feeling of Nostalgia
The area is like one in the movie scene. You should find that the desert landscape is abound with restored rail station just across. You will also find motels with a long history, and old neon signs. You should also try to dine in one of the classic options of eatery. Many people recommend Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café in Victorville or Summit Inn in Oak Hills.

Death Valley and Ghost Town Wonders
The desert is the home of the most varied desert terrain in the world even until today. The landscape is so amazing and it looks totally wonderful during day and night. While it is worth the protection, it deserves your visit too. There are also gold mining towns that are left. These ghost towns are more than interesting to explore.

Learn and Relax
When you visit this area, there is no escape but you will want to know the history. Unlike you may have expected, Mojave Desert history involves 16,000 years old rare petroglyphs. Then, when you’re done learning, visit the High Sierra where you will find Mount Whitney and cool down a bit, enjoying the landscape.

So Mojave Desert has everything you may want to have. The nostalgic feeling is there to enjoy and experience. Meanwhile the valley and towns are too intriguing and inviting to miss. Then, we have the history and the best place to hide away for a while. This is a whole and complete package, and it is enough to attract you here.

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