The Three Top Desert Destination in California USA

California is famous for its big cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. However, California is also well known for the desert destination. These are three top desert destination that you can visit in California

The Mojave Desert
The Mojave Desert became famous as the popular tourists’ destination because of Las Vegas, Nevada. There are also several places that you can visit in The Mojave desert area such as Mojave National Preserve and Death Valley National Park. Other spots that tourists like to visit in The Mojave Desert area are Big Morongo Canyon Preserve and Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

The Colorado Desert
Being part of the Sonoran Desert, the Colorado Desert in California has the size around 7 million acres. The Coachella and Imperial Valleys are located in the Colorado Desert. The Colorado Desert is famous for the wide selections of flora and fauna.

Common wildlife that you can find in The Colorado Desert including desert kangaroo cat, black-tailed jackrabbit, desert tortoise and many more. There are several national parks in the Colorado Desert such as Joshua Tree National Park, Imperial NWR, Indio Hills Palms and Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

The Great Basin Desert

The Great Basin Desert
This desert located between the Sierra Nevada and the Wasatch Range. The Great Basin actually consists of several small basins. It is the largest U.S Dessert which located in Nevada, Oregon and Idaho.

There are two famous spots to visit in Great Basin which are Forty Mile Desert and The Great Salt Lake Desert. The Great Basin Desert is also well-known as a home for endangered species such as Least Tern Bird, Utah Prairie Dog, and Lahontan Cutthroat Trout.

So, if you are an adventure seeker and want to explore something different in California, these three desert destinations could be perfect for you. You also can check the best time for the weather to visit these places.

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