What You Can Do in California Desert, California

It is true that the beauty of California desert is able to attract many visitors with lots of amazing attractions. If you have been in the Death valley national park, you may know that it has lots of attractions such as ghost town, wide salt flats, and also vast expanses. You can also visit Joshua Tree National park if you want to enjoy Colorado and Mojave desert landscapes. So, what you can actually do in California desert, California?

Joshua Tree National Park
The first thing to do in California desert is to visit Joshua Tree National Park. This amazing park is being named after the tree growing in the Mojave desert. This park provides a beautiful landscape of the amazing mountains, rock formations and also a unique site. Most travelers state that this park has its spiritual and peaceful atmosphere. Lots of hiking trails have been made which lead to the trees and also the park’s high points. If you want to enjoy its serenity, you can take the hiking trails.

When you visit Joshua Tree National Park in the winter, you can find that many climbers have set their tends to camp in this park. You may also find that if you visit this famous park in the winter, you may find it difficult to get a vacant spot for camping.

Salton Sea Recreation Area
In California desert, you can also find the ancient lake. It is called Salton Sea Recreation Area. This is a dried up bed of lake which transforms into the sea in 1905. The water is mainly from Colorado River which flooded into its lake’s bed and covers it up to 82 feet depth. You may be surprised that this inland lake has become one of the most popular attractions that you have to visit when you are in California desert.

You can also find that this Salton Sea Recreation Area is located on the northern bank. There are lots of picnic areas and also campsites along the bank. If you are interested in fishing, you may find that this area is the great spot for fishing. The visitors from also love this area since they can have various water sports. Furthermore, if you love to enjoy beautiful birds, you can visit this area as it is also great for the bird watching lovers.

These are two great attractions that you can find in California desert, California. There are also lots of interesting amusements in this area. Have a great holiday!

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