Tips to Visit California Desert

If you are planning to visit California particularly the desert area, there are few tips that you should know before you visit these sites.

Prepare Your Vehicle
Many people do a road trip to explore California. Make sure that the vehicle is prepared for the road trip with rough driving conditions. Make sure that you fill up on gas, bring the car charger, and the GPS navigation system.

Knows What to Pack
When you plan the trip to the desert in California, you will need to bring some essential parts such as water, sunblock, power bank, the map just in case you don’t get any connection to check online maps, and comfortable clothes such as a lightweight cotton shirt. Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes because you will do lots of walks and even hiking. Wear a hat to protect your head and your face from the sun. you will also need to bring a jacket and wool hat since if you plan to go camping, the temperature could be very cold at night. Please make sure to check also the weather condition before you go.

Book the Campsite and Follow the Rules
To avoid any hassle, you will need to book the campsite in advance, so you will get a spot especially during a holiday or in the popular area. When you go camping, you will also need to follow the rules of the campsite. As you may have aware that wildfires commonly happen in California and this year has been very terrible, make sure that you follow the rules for building a campfire and make

Prepare Well for the Hiking
When you plan to do hiking you will need to check first for all the warnings from the park. Since some of the areas will have no connection on the cell phone service, it is advisable if you let others know about your plan, where you will go hiking and what time you are supposed to go back. Bring plenty waters and some emergency kit in your backpack. Avoid doing hiking alone and always follow the trails.

Beware of Wildlife
In California dessert, sometimes people will meet wild animals such as rattlesnakes, coyotes, black bear or even mountain lions. Do some research first on what to do when unfortunately meet these animals. Watch out when you do hike and always beware of your surroundings.

In Conclusion, the well-prepared trip will give you more advantages because it will make your life easier and you could enjoy it more with less hassle. Make sure that you have covered the above list and have fun exploring the desert in California.

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