Amazing Things in Joshua Tree National Park for the Travelers

This national park is located where Colorado desert and Mojave desert meet. There are lots of amazing things in Joshua Tree National Park that the travelers cannot miss. These amazing things may not be able to find in another national parks in California, USA. What are they?

Wildflowers in Spring
Of course, spring can be very great if you want to spend your holiday in this desert. You will be astounding on what Joshua Tree National Park can offer. In spring, Joshua trees themselves are blooming along with another plants like cactus, shrubs, and many more in this national park. The best spot to enjoy these amazing wildflowers blooms is the area near the Cottonwood Spring. You can also see these amazing blooms along the road which leads out to the Interstate 10.

Near the Cottonwood Spring, you can find lots of small Joshua trees scattered in some areas. These small Joshua trees are more interesting when they bloom compared to larger Joshua trees as they tend to bloom lower on the ground and near the level of the eyes so that the visitors can enjoy the view easily. You can see the beautiful colors of Joshua trees’ flowers ranging from blue, purple, pink to red, orange, and yellow.

Bouldering and Rock Climbing
Another amazing thing that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park is bouldering and rock climbing. These two activities are the most popular ones in this park. Joshua Tree has provided many climbing formations and also climbing routes. The visitors can get this information easily from the maps and pamphlets.

Lots of climbers visit Joshua Tree National Park during the winter. There are lots of spots to choose in this national park. However, most climbers like to spend their days climbing in the Hidden Valley area and its nearby location. Therefore, if you visit Hidden Valley during the winter, you will see that lots of the camping areas are already being occupied. The high peak happens in February and also March.

Skull Rock
Another amazing thing that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park is to visit its most popular landscape known as Skull Rock. Lots of visitors describe the rock formation in this area as the form of the skull. The rock has shaped into skull and peer out with the boulder strewn rubble. This skull rock is located near the road and is always able to attract visitors.

Isn’t great that you can do lots of amazing things in Joshua Tree National Park? If you haven’t planned your holiday in the winter, you can try to arrange the visit to this national park. Have fun!

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