Amazing Spots in Death Valley National Park

What will cross to your mind when you heard about dessert? Some people might answer hot and dry. The deserts in California are amazingly awesome. The landscape is beautiful with magnificence desert and its exotic plants as the oasis.

There are some awesome deserts in California that can be a place to recharge your energy. Palm Springs, Death Valley National Park, Greater Palm Springs, Joshua Tree National Park and more, you can name it!

For those of you who are planning to go for a vacation to the Death Valley National Park, here is the list of some amazing spots that you with should see in there.

Zabriskie Point

You won’t believe in the view presented by the Zabriskie Point in Death Valley National Park, California. As far as it goes, you will see an amazing landscape of desert which from the heave-sand mountain in gold, brown and orange that blow you away.

You can do a hiking track to go to this sanctuary place. It takes less 7.8 miles from the Zabriskie point. You can see the sunrise from here. If you waking up early and reach the Zabriskie Point, you will witness a gold light from the sunrise. You will see pretty pink and purple color as it touching the Panamint Range over the valley.

The Sand Hills near Stovepipe Wells

Most people will scream when they see the beautiful sandhills spread wide in front of them. This pretty sandhill is the view that you will get in the Sand Hills near the Stovepipe Wells. The amazing landscape of flat sand hills which creating a waving shadow is the favorite spot for photographers. The Mountain as the backdrop makes the view just perfect!

The Race Track

If you ever see about the mysterious stones that can walk by themselves in the middle of mud desert, it must be the Race Track. This phenomenon is quite famous and broadcast on the TV and newspaper. If you want to see this with your eyes, you have to go here.

There are many amazing spots in Death Valley National Park that you have to visit. Some spots that will blow your mind away are Zabriskie Point, The Sand Hills near Stovepipe Wells, and The Race Track.

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