Do’s and Don’ts While Visiting California Deserts

Mojave Desert is worth a visit. However being a desert, it has several conditions that require you to be aware of certain things. This is why you need to make a research first on things you are allowed to and not allowed to do. Here is a little list you can follow for guide.

The Do’s

To amuse you, let’s see things that you are allowed to when it comes to visiting Mojave Desert:

1.Visit during the spring or during the fall.
During these seasons, the area is in most friendly and welcoming stage. It isn’t too windy so the risk of getting something into your eyes is smaller. In addition to it, the desert isn’t too hot during the day or too cold during the night at these seasons.

2.Consult to rangers
Trail and road conditions in the desert change from time to time. The rangers will know about it. It is recommended to consult to rangers about where you are going. It also makes sure they know you are there in case things happen.

3.Bring more water
The general suggestion is a gallon per day for each person, but this is just the minimum amount. It won’t hurt to bring more just in case. It is also recommended to use plastic bottle which is lighter and way practical.

The Don’ts
Now you know what you can do there. Let’s find out things you absolutely can’t do in the desert:

1. Visit the desert during summer or winter
During the summer, the temperature can reach to 100°F to the least. This goes until the early fall. During the winter, the temperature can be very cold and the wind can reach to 25 mph or more.

2. Adventuring not as advised
Especially during the summer, it is suggested to keep on the main road or trail. While it makes sure you aren’t too far from the main paved road, the patrols check on it periodically, so you’ll be far from troubles.

3. Count on spring for water
Yes, you will find several water springs on the map, and it is meant as water source. However, the water still needs to be purified. In addition to it, it may already get dried up when you finally reach the spring if you are quite far from it.

Visiting the desert can be thrilling and fun. However, this is a little adventure and you need to know what you’re doing. Dig on some more guides to make sure you can enjoy the visit safely.

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