Fun Things to Do in Joshua Tree National Park

Have you ever heard about Joshua Tree National Park? If you have been to the desert of California, you may have been familiar with this amazing park. This great park is located near the Colorado desert and the Mojave desert. It offers amazing rolling mountains and also giant granite boulder. So, what are the fun things that you can do in this park?

Common Knowledge
Many visitors say that this park is able to offer such an unforgettable experience ever. They can easily hike or walk among the trees, camp on the open land and watch the stars, climb the amazing towering rock walls, capture great photography, and also enjoy the calmness of the desert at the same time.

This park is located between the Colorado desert and the Mojave desert. It has been able to provide the complex landscape along with its unique vegetation and appearances based on its varied elevation. Some of the areas in this park are being covered by Joshua threes while another areas are devoid completely of these trees however have been been able to provide their own special beauty. You can see that this park is well positioned where you can hike and climb and do lots of things here.

Hidden Valley Nature Trail
One thing that you can do in this national park is to explore its hidden valley area. This area is the most stunning and easiest location to explore in the park. It is also perfect for you if you are looking for the area to enjoy the trees or the rock formations. This nature trail is the perfect area to enjoy one mile trail which leads to the area of the rock walls. This area is also considered as barren area since it doesn’t have lots of Joshua trees around it. One of the popular climbing spots in this nature trail is the Great Burrito.

Keys View
You can also visit Keys View if you are in this National park. You can find that the lookout point of the area has 5,000 feet elevation point where you can easily enjoy the amazing views of the Coachella Valley. In far distance, you can also spot the Salton Sea, Palm Spring, San Andreas fault line and also Mexico when the day is clear. If it is a clear day, you can also enjoy the amazing views of its surrounding areas. While you drive to Keys View, you can see that the elevation is changing and also its weather. It becomes cooler as you reach the location.

These are some great things that you can do in Joshua Tree National Park. What else that you expect? It’s great already.

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