Palm Desert, Best Attraction for Adventurous Soul

Talking about desert around California, Palm Desert and Palm Spring should be one of the most favorite tourist from all around the world. This is such a wonderful place that has breath-taking view around the desert. As one of the most favorite desert around California, Palm Desert should not be visited in summer since in daytime the temperature could reach 70?F. But in another season, this place become must be visited place around California.

1. Rotating Aerial Tram Car
Visiting Palm desert can never be completed without trying Palm Spring Aerial Tramway around the place. This area is highly popular that it is featured in so many videos and images on online gambling site in The tram way is the biggest aerial tram car ever built. Travelers will see such a fantastic view around the desert. Using aerial tram car is also one of the easiest ways for you to visit Palm Desert without getting tired of walking

  • 10.000 feet Above Desert
    Using aerial tram car in this place will be one of your unforgettable moments. This aerial tram car can fly 10.000 feet above Palm Desert. From this height, travelers will see such a beautiful scenery of desert. Do not forget to prepare your camera when you try this tram car, and get fabulous picture from 10.000 feet above.
  • Mount San Jacinto
    Another attraction in this area is visiting Mount San Jacinto and feels the fresh air on the top of the mountain. Travelers will see two observatory and also decks for travelers to take a rest. On another place, travelers also will find restaurants complete with its historical display about Palm Desert and Palm Spring.

For travelers who have adventurous soul, you might try hiking around the desert. Through all hiking trails, travelers will see pine tree until travelers reach top of Mount San Jacinto. If travelers come on winter, do not forget to come with complete equipment because possible snow falls in this area when winter comes.

2. Indian Canyon
When visiting Palm Spring, travelers should try to visit Palm Canyon in that same area. This 15-mile of Canyon offers the best view and unique scenery. If travelers are already tired to walk, they can try to find short track around the Canyon. Long Track also available for travelers who want to try more adventurous experience around Palm Spring.

To get this experience, you have to prepare the entire route and also your own equipment since in this area might be difficult to find your private equipment. If you plan to come in summer, you have to change your schedule because the weather is too hot for you to visit.

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