3 Reasons Why Mojave Desert Deserve Your Love and Respect

3 Reasons Why Mojave Desert Deserve Your Love and Respect – Many people who haven’t been to Mojave Desert must think it is just an overrated wasteland that doesn’t deserve more attention. Well, it isn’t true. There are so many reasons why it is considered as protected wilderness since 2016. Here are the least three reasons why you will directly love and respect Mojave Desert.

The Mojave Folk
Mojave Desert was once called Hayikwiir Mat’aar. This desert was once the territorial of the Mojave Tribe, and that is where the desert name came from. This area stretches between LA and Las Vegas. The tribe once consisted of around 4,000 people divided in 22 clans.
Today, as the effect of European occupation and many major history events, there are around 988 people of the tribe. AS for the clans, 18 still exist until now.

Incredible Wildlife
There are fantastic species of animals in this desert that provoke scientists and photographers to spend the nights here. During the day, you may see the common lizards around. But when the night comes, you may see some fantastic creatures.
It includes cougars, pronghorn antelope, mule deer, many kinds of snakes, tortoise, bighorn sheep, cottontails, jackrabbits, ravens, and red tail hawks. If you’re lucky, you will see tarantula and the predator, which is large wasps with bright red orange wings.

Forest of Joshua Tree
The Joshua trees were named by the Mormons who passed this area first and refer it to the moment when Joshua lifted up his arm to pray in the Bible. While many of the trees are thousand years old, there is speculation that the population will be reduced significantly at the end of 21st century.
Many scientists believe that the reduction will reach 90% of today’s population. This fact is devastating but the climate change is something unavoidable.

There are still many more reasons why you should love, respect, and protect the Mojave Desert. Learn more on this region and you’ll be surprised.

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