See Californian Deserts In The Past in Desert Magazine’s Website

See Californian Deserts In The Past in Desert Magazine’s Website – Old magazine has its own charm. Since there is no internet, old magazines tend to be more specific to certain topics or regions in great detail. One of them is Desert Magazine, a publication that covered extensive details of many interests about Western American deserts.

• Why Was Desert Magazine Established?
The Magazine was first started from simple astonishment of rat deserts, siblings Randall and Cliff Henderson and J. Wilson McKenney. Living in Palm Desert, California, they are well-acquainted with the deserts. They are similar to those online gambling players who share their tricks and tips to other players.

As the experience with the desert increases, they (especially Randall) found hidden gems in deserts in Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico. These findings led them to first publication of Desert Magazine in 1937.

• What’s So Interesting About Deserts?
What do you think is interesting about deserts? Unless you are a fellow rat desert like the Hendersons and McKenney, then nothing may come up to mind. However, according to Los Angeles Times, the contents of Desert Magazine aroused national interest. In one of their edition in 1960, Los Angeles Times claimed that the magazine was able to make a cactus interesting nationwide.

Of course, cactus is not the only thing Desert Magazine talks about. It is quite similar to any general magazine as it covers different subjects all at once. If you read it, you will found information regarding communities, interesting personalities, geographical information, science-related forums (archaeology, botany, and mineralogy), mining for laymen, literature, history (both cultural and natural), and sports. These topics apparently were popular because it was seen as exotic by Americans during the Depression.

See Californian Deserts

• Where Can You See The Magazine?
Unfortunately, even the most dedicated rat desert can’t stay too long with the publication. McKenney left Desert Magazine after a few years to take care of personal issues. Meanwhile, Henderson sold the magazine for retirement after 25 years. Since then, Desert Magazine changed owners and editors throughout the years until the publication officially terminated in 1985. So, there are no new issues today.

Fortunately, Rocko’ released a website for Desert Magazine in 2006. This website has complete editions of the late publications in .pdf form and new daily updates. Visit if you are interested.

Looking plainly, most deserts are vastly dry and boring. However, sands aside, there are things that are hidden within the horizons that not many know about. Desert Magazine was brought by dedicated rat deserts to share these little things from the 1930s up to the 1980s.

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