Looking for a Complete Documentation of Californian Deserts? See Desert Magazine!

Looking for a Complete Documentation of Californian Deserts? See Desert Magazine! – The statement “If you don’t live in it, you don’t truly know the place.” is true in most regions in the world. However, that may not be true when we talk about American deserts thanks to Desert Magazine – people in and outside the area became knowledgeable about the deserts thanks to several dedicated rat deserts.
• A Little History of The Magazine
In Desert Magazine, there are two important rat deserts that made the publication possible: Randall Henderson and J. Wilson McKenney. These two friends had known Californian deserts throughout their whole life. In their opinion, there are things that are missed by most eyes, giving deserts a certain charm that is worth telling the world. Thus, with McKenney’s support, Henderson found and published the first edition of Desert Magazine in 1937.

While Henderson only continued to work on the magazine for 25 years (McKenney left several years before him), the magazine became well known in both Western and Eastern US, like those online poker games in https://kongbet.net today. The popularity continued to grow even after Desert Magazine passed to several hands of new owners and editors until the last publication in 1985.

• What Can You Gain From It?
People who never heard of Desert Magazine would wonder, “What’s so interesting about deserts?” and assume that desert documentation would be as boring as seeing the sand plains. However, Desert Magazine begs to differ. They don’t only describe the deserts, they also tell stories from different subjects about them. These subjects include travelogs, literature, maps, sports, homemaking, natural and cultural histories, and science topics ranging from mineralogy, geology, botany, and archeology. They even presented mining subjects in layman terms – a rare, fresh take for a magazine during the era.

• Is It Popular?
Because it is the only magazine dedicated to the American desert, Desert Magazine is already popular. However, it is thanks to specific information that is not widely known, explained in detail and a pleasant writing style that is easily digested by the general public. That info looked exotic and interesting during the Depression. As the Los Angeles Times said in 1960, Who would have thought that you could pick up a cactus, and arouse enough interest in it nationally to make magazines with circulation throughout East and West? “

Documentation can’t get any more fun yet precise at the same time – Desert Magazine is the only dedicated magazine about deserts in the western American region. If you are interested to explore those areas, you can read their travelogs in their digital documentations.

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