Interesting Facts about Joshua Tree National Park

There are several national parks that you could visit in California and one of them is Joshua Tree National Park. What is special about this park? Here are some interesting facts of Joshua Tree National park.

An Ancient Desert
Joshua Tree National Park is located between The Mojave Desert which is the high desert and the Colorado Desert. This park is a large ancient desert with around 790,000 square acres. Therefore, please note that there is no water, food service, street lights and electricity. When you plan to visit this park, please make sure you bring plenty of drinking waters and food.

Must Visit Sites
The Joshua tree is originally from the Southwestern United States and most are in the Mojave Desert. Besides this, there are other sites that you could visit here such as the Hidden Valley, Intersection Rock, and Arch Rock.

Options of Stay
If you really want to get the real experience of nature, camping in Joshua Tree is an amazing experience. There are around 300 campsites around the park boundaries. But please note that there is no water or electricity, you will need to bring everything that you need. you can bring your own camp or rent it from the campsite. There are some campsites that will need a reservation in advance but also some which offer first come first serve basis. Make sure that you do some research first on which campsite that you want to stay.

If you are not a fan of camping, there are some options of AirBnB outside of Joshua Tree National Park but still in the town. The price starts at around USD$ 70 per night. It is more expensive than renting a spot in a campsite, but it is more convenient.

Beware of Coyotes
It is very common to see coyotes in the park; therefore, you will need to know what to do when you meet one of them. If you do a camping, you also can hear at nights the sound of coyotes. Do not come close to them or feed them, please remember that they are wild and could harm you.

So, if you plan to visit Joshua Tree National Park, please be aware that maybe there is a limited mobile phone connection. Prepare what you will need such as water, food supply, power bank, portable lighting and emergency kits. Decide where do you want to stay either in the campsite or AirBnB depends on what is suitable for you. Remember to always follow the rules given by the local authority.

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