This is the Enchantment of Death Valley with a Unique Expanse of Desert

The United States, especially California, turned out to save extreme places dubbed as the hottest temperature in the world. The beauty of the snow mountains blends perfectly with the row of hills, valleys and wilderness. Spot valleys and deserts can be said to be the hottest area. Because the water content is very small and the geological place is also low. Although the feel of this place is hot, unfriendly. But it was opened to unique and extreme tourist destinations.

As a tourist attraction, of course, the area has an interesting spot. Tourists who visit will not feel bored. Instead they will feel a different sensation while there. Especially when using a car and exploring the area called Artist’s Drive. Natural charm that is presented in the form of a row of steep cliffs. Despite the extreme ambient temperature, a cool breeze can be felt.

Another area that exudes an aura of beauty called Zabriskie Point. This is an area in the form of plains containing high hills. You can climb this hill then enjoy the beauty of Death Valley from that place. Especially when the sun rises or sets. The charm of death valley as a whole is very beautiful. Various colors emitted beautifully. Makes you speechless. Only cameras can capture it.

The unique nature that is presented by this destination is still another. Call it Badwater Basin and Telescope Park. When visitors are at the Badwater Basin location, the amazement does not stop. There is a vast salt plain. This plain is categorized as low elevation in the United States. It has even been named the lowest elevation area in the world. If measured it is only 282 meters from o sea ‚Äč‚Äčlevel.

Another case with Telescope Peak which has a height of 3454 meters above sea level. This area is claimed to be the highest place. Visitors are free to enjoy the beauty of the desert, valley and mountains from here. They usually don’t use the naked eye. Tools such as telescopes are also presented to see nature as a whole. Because the elevation difference between Badwater Basin and Telescope Peak is very high. Many interpret it as a form of elevation of the Everest mountains with the Tibetan plateau.

In closing tourist destinations to this unique desert. You can go to Scotty’s Castle. The castle is right in the middle of the oasis. With a distinctive shape of a classic medieval building. This castle was once owned by a cowboy named Scotty. You can free photos by taking a background of ancient castles that still stand majestically. Even though you have been in the castle area for a long time it doesn’t matter. This is one of the exotic sites that must be visited while on vacation in addition to visiting the city of Las Vegas while winning travel prizes from online site

That is the unique death valley, a tourist destination that has a beautiful desert area with a special exotic. Although the temperature of this area is very hot, it stings. You don’t need to worry or worry. Because of its beauty you can feel the maximum in spring and winter. Because the extraordinary heat will not be felt.

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