Your Best California Desert Itinerary!

Your Best California Desert Itinerary! – When it comes to visiting California, most tourists will think about Hollywood, Pacific Coast Highway, and Fisherman’s Warf. Only few of them will think about visiting the desert. Meanwhile, desert is actually 25% of this country, and it hides wondrous charm. You should visit Alabama Hill when you plan for excellent star gazing, but these spots should totally in your list too.

1. Mobius Arch
If you want something very popular, this is it. Mobius Arch is just as popular when it comes to California dessert spot to visit. It gives you the best view during the sunset. At night, this is a spectacular photo spot where you can get the milky way through the arc as your background.

The best thing about this spot is that people rarely visit it. So you can enjoy the spot while taking photos as much as you want without exposing yourself to dangers. To be honest, many people make beautiful shots in here that earn many likes on their Instagram account. If you want something memorable other than winning online Sbobet in, you need to take a selfie here.

2. Boot Arch
This arch looks totally like boots. It is located not far from the Movie Road, and you can visit the Cyclops Arch as well as it is near to the location. The Movie Road is basically dusty when it isn’t muddy. The usual car or SUV should ride just fine in this road. You can always camp out at the hills near to this location, but there is no facility so make sure to pack everything.
The location is safe. However, it is always wise to camp out and unseen from the road. In addition to it, make sure to clean it up and make no trace.

3. Zabrieski Point
Zabrieski Point is the most popular spot for so many photographers. It looks terrific during the sunset, as the badland changes its color. It looks totally stunning and it is worth a visit. You can simply walk from the parking lot. But be careful, many people are fans of this spot so it can be a little crowded.

If you have enough of the city, and you want some adventures, these three spots should serve you well. Enjoying the nature while being free will be an awesome experience. Every once in a while, you should try visiting the California desert and try these spots.

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