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Film on the Front Lines: An Interview with Robert Lundahl on his new film "Who Are My People?"

08/30/2013 ● By Steve

The gold rush for green power development across the desert is destroying Native American sacred sites and environmental resources.

Between a rock and, well, another rock...

08/13/2013 ● By Steve

A hiker found himself between a rock and a hard place - another rock - while exploring Joshua Tree National Park. Don't worry - he's fine.

Get ready to run with the dead

08/12/2013 ● By Steve

The inaugural Run with Los Muertos is a 5K run the City of Coachella is hosting on November 1 as a way to honor the dead.

Best of the Southwest: The Sun Runner Launches Southwest Travel Issues

08/06/2013 ● By Steve

Two BIG travel issues of the year are on their way - The Desert Road Trips Issue & The Best of the Southwest 2014 Desert Travel Issue.

The Pedestrians - Not Pedestrian

07/20/2013 ● By Steve

Robin Linn talks with The Pedestrians and tells us why this band is anything but.

Expounding on... Without An eXplanation whY - WAXY

07/20/2013 ● By Steve

WAXY is great Desert Rock music - Without An eXplanation whY. Other than this one, of course...

The strange births of Desert Rock

07/19/2013 ● By Steve

Who could tell the story of Desert Rock better than Mario Lalli? Nobody, right? Well then, here you go...

"Bobschwitz": Fans of Bobcat Slaughter Prove to be Own Worst Enemies

07/03/2013 ● By Steve

If stupid people had valuable pelts you'd have to wonder what online comments would be made about a truck full of dead idiots.

Russian photographer to be featured in "Fresh from the Fields"

06/18/2013 ● By Steve

She's one of our favorite Russians in the desert (her husband Dimitry, also a photographer, is the other), and she has a show in Palm Desert!

The death of the organization that helps the dying

06/18/2013 ● By Steve

For the past 31 years, Hospice of Morongo Basin has been there to provide support for the dying and their families. Now Hospice is dying...