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An Unwanted Imposition: Dollar General

02/15/2013 ● By Steve

Supervisor James Ramos should work to halt this decision, based on a poorly made staff report, from going forward...

The Greenfriars protest Dollar General in Joshua Tree

05/16/2012 ● By Steve

Ted Quinn introduces us to the Greenfriars out creating community and raising awareness about the planned Dollar General store in downtown Joshua Tree.For more on Dollar General's plans for Joshua Tre

Little Desert Town, Big Challenges

04/30/2012 ● By Steve

Our home base in the unincorporated town of Joshua Tree has been finding itself faced with troublesome development issues as of late.First, the Twenty-Nine Palms Band of Mission Indians, who operate t

The 2012 Desert Ecology Issue

04/01/2012 ● By Steve

Keep up with the environmental challenges that face the California deserts with The Sun Runner's 2012 Desert Ecology Issue.  Read about Joshua Tree development, Ivanpah solar power, wind developm