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Dick Dale's Son and Ex-Wife Arrested for Highly Explosive Desert Bonfire

10/16/2012 ● By Steve

Jimmy Dale, 20 year-old son of surf guitar king Dick Dale, along with his ex-wife Jill Dale, Jimmy's mother, have been jailed for allegedly putting a full five gallon propane canister on a fire and shooting at it out in Wonder Valley.

The Clean House Brings Fanciful Melodrama to Life in the Groves Cabin Theatre

10/12/2012 ● By Steve

"The Clean House" brings a fanciful and bittersweet story alive at The Groves Cabin Theatre.

Fatality In Joshua Tree National Park

10/05/2012 ● By Steve

On Thursday, October 4, 2012, park search and rescue responded to a report of a visitor being injured.

Joshua Tree National Park Roadwork to Move 800 Cholla & Plants

10/05/2012 ● By Steve

Joshua Tree National Park will begin removing and relocating up to 800 plants on October 15, for a road straightening project along Pinto Basin Road. The relocation is expected to kill up to 200 of the plants.

The Sun Runner's 2012 Desert Travel Issue

10/01/2012 ● By Steve

The digital edition of The Sun Runner Magazine's 2012 Desert Travel Issue.

Final Clap Fever from Gram Rabbit

10/01/2012 ● By Steve

A new music video from Gram Rabbit, "Final Clap Fever." The black and white video is beautifully shot and one scene is featured in Italian Vogue!

Focus attention on your business with our two Desert Travel Issues!

09/05/2012 ● By Steve

Here at The Sun Runner Magazine, our annual Desert Travel Issue has always been our most popular issue of the year. This year, with desert travel being a hot topic, we're producing two desert travel issues - the annual Desert Travel Issue (October/November 2012), and the Desert Road Trips Issue (December 2012/January 2013).

The Sun Runner's Fall 2012 Little Petroglyph Canyon Tour

08/31/2012 ● By Steve

Join The Sun Runner on our Fall 2012 Little Petroglyph Canyon Tour.

Chris Hillman and Herb Pedersen In Concert At
 Indian Cove Amphitheatre, Joshua Tree National Park

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

Legendary Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Chris Hillman, along with master musician Herb Pedersen, recently performed a “nostalgic stew” of music from the Byrds, The Flying Burrito Brothers, the Desert Rose Band, and other individual selections from careers spanning almost 50 years.

Poem: Wreckage and More Wreckage By Don Kingfisher Campbell

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

for an adventure
 we drive 12 miles off road in a desert 75 miles from L.A.