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Focus attention on your business with our two Desert Travel Issues!

09/05/2012 ● By Steve

Here at The Sun Runner Magazine, our annual Desert Travel Issue has always been our most popular issue of the year. This year, with desert travel being a hot topic, we're producing two desert travel issues - the annual Desert Travel Issue (October/November 2012), and the Desert Road Trips Issue (December 2012/January 2013).

Today is A Good Day To Die

06/27/2012 ● By Steve

Conquered peoples historically have had difficult paths to walk to not only survive, but to endure and emerge with a sense of self, culture, and pride. And while the conquerors never seem to understa

Frank Spevacek hired as new La Quinta City Manager

05/15/2012 ● By Steve

The City Council of the City of La Quinta has hired Frank Spevacek as the new City Manager. Spevacek holds a BA degree in Social Ecology/Urban Planning from UC-Irvine, and Master's degree studies in