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The Way of Things – Petroglyphs of the Coso Mountains By Carlos Gallinger

11/09/2012 ● By Denise Brown

The Coso Mountain petroglyphs are the last remnant of a society that started thousands of years ago and lived almost to our present time. Through the artistry and symbolism of these petroglyphs we know that it was a hunter- gatherer society based on hunting desert bighorn sheep, and so the desert bighorn sheep loom large in its everyday culture and mythology just as the buffalo hunting societies that once lived on the Great Plains centered their culture and mythology on the buffalo.

Tag Teaming The Butterflies

10/03/2012 ● By Steve

The Sunnyland Center and Gardens has teamed up with the non-profit organization, Southwest Monarch Study (SWMS) based out of Arizona to tag monarch butterflies within Sunnyland Gardens.

Respecting our Desert Elders— Ancestors of the Leafy Type By Robin Kobaly

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

This one experience influenced the next chapter of my life. That very day, I decided to develop a new program called “Saving The Ancients” under our environmental education non-profit, The SummerTree Institute. I ended up chasing bulldozers to salvage the trunks of as many desert plants as possible, had them sliced, sanded, and polished so ecology students could help us count the annual growth rings of as many sizes and species of native plants as we could find.

Poem: The Last Bird

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

In the trees, along the lake,
countless water birds
breed in the winter months.
Snow-white egrets resting
beside soot-black cormorants,
the mighty open bill storks lived peaceably next to the small white ibises,

Book Review: Muir Roots 
At One With the Wild Photographic Tales By David Jesse McChesney

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

David Jesse McChesney is a master wildlife photographer. His photographs of animals and birds are second to none. The quality of each photograph is stellar.