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Desert Writers Gather At Oasis Beneath The Full Moon By Steve Brown

11/09/2012 ● By Steve

Our Desert Writers Celebration, held under a full moon at the 29 Palms Inn on the Oasis of Mara, was a great evening of writers, poets, books, food (including our favorite Joshua Treets Ice Cream), music, and fire dancing.

Gawker picks Desert Writers Issue cover as 2012's Best Magazine Cover

09/18/2012 ● By Steve

OK, so we have no idea how it happened, but Hamilton Nolan on, has chosen our Desert Writers Issue cover as 2012's Best Magazine Cover.

Excerpt from JANE: The Women Who Loved Tarzan By Robin Maxwell

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

Her age was indeterminate—somewhere approaching thirty, but her presence was one of striking vitality and self- assurance. She was tall and slender beneath the knee-length suit coat of fine brown wool. Her honey-colored hair was tucked up beneath a simple toque of black felt, not one of those large frivolous feathered creations that these days hung perilously cantilevered over a woman’s face

Book Review: Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan By Robin Maxwell

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

Local hi-desert writer, Robin Maxwell, author of O, Juliet, and many other popular works of historical fiction, has written a book about another famous pair of lovers, Tarzan and Jane. The story focuses on Jane, a brilliant strong- minded woman and her relationship with apeman Tarzan.

The Sun Runner's 6th Annual Desert Writers Issue

08/01/2012 ● By Steve

The Sun Runner Magazine's 6th Annual Desert Writers Issue features author Robin Maxwell and her latest book, JANE: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan, as well as fiction, essays, and poetry by desert writers, and reviews by Literary Editor Delphine Lucas of desert-related books.

Catch Desert Cultural Treasure, Author Robin Maxwell, at Comic-con This Weekend!

07/13/2012 ● By Steve

This Saturday, Comic-con attendees will be treated to a special panel discussion featuring one of the desert's cultural treasures, author Robin Maxwell, as she and other authors and illustrators discu

It's a jungle out there in author Robin Maxwell's world!

04/30/2012 ● By Steve

Author and cultural treasure of the California deserts, Robin Maxwell, featured in our Desert Treasures Issue earlier this year, pals around with one of the Burroughs’ great granddaughters’ boyfriends

The 2012 Desert Treasures Issue

02/01/2012 ● By Steve

Our 2012 Desert Treasures Issue (February/March) of The Sun Runner  Magazine features the stunning cover art of Snake Jagger, and features desert cultural treasure, author Robin Maxwell, as well