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Follow the Progress of the AdventureCORPS Badwater Ultramarathon!

07/16/2012 ● By Steve

  Join us in following the progress of the AdventureCORPS Badwater Ultramarathon today (Monday, July 16 - Wednesday, July 18) via the AdventureCORPS Twitter feed at

Emken's Senate Supporter Steals Sun Runner Story and Misrepresents it vs. Feinstein

07/16/2012 ● By Steve

A Sun Runner story has been used and misrepresented, apparently by a blogger with ties to the Elizabeth Emken campaign.Our story, Cadiz Water Grab Meets With Significant Opposition (http://thesunrunne

Dick Dale's Tour Linked to National Heat Wave

07/09/2012 ● By Steve

The cause of a record heatwave across America has been found: Dick Dale's national tour.  The King of Surf Guitar, Dick Dale, left his desert home earlier this season and temperatures h

Cadiz Water Grab Meets With Significant Opposition

07/03/2012 ● By Steve

By Steve BrownThe Cadiz desert water mining project is pointing a finger at alleged misrepresentations by a "shadowy operative," and stating the project will not harm, nor irreperably harm the de

Stater Bros. Screws Up

07/01/2012 ● By Steve

Don't look for The Sun Runner Magazine outside your local Stater Bros. store any more.  Stater Bros. corporate management has once again shown their scorn for the communities served by publicatio

Salvation Mountain's Creator, Leonard Knight, Faces Amputation

07/01/2012 ● By Steve

Leonard Knight, the man who created Salvation Mountain, near Slab City and Niland on the eastern side of the Salton Sea, is facing the amputation of his right leg above the knee.  According to a

Hey, Hey, LA - Look for The Sun Runner Magazine at Stories Books & Cafe!

06/27/2012 ● By Steve

Los Angeles readers will be able to find The Sun Runner Magazine at one of LA's premier independent bookstores starting next week.  Stories Books & Cafe will begin offering their customers Th

Today is A Good Day To Die

06/27/2012 ● By Steve

Conquered peoples historically have had difficult paths to walk to not only survive, but to endure and emerge with a sense of self, culture, and pride. And while the conquerors never seem to understa

Gus Van Sant and the Palm Springs International ShortFest

06/25/2012 ● By Steve

This year's Palm Springs International ShortFest raised the question of priorities.  While the festival, now in its 18th year, offered many great films, programs could be uneven, and why a f

2012 Palm Springs International ShortFest Announces Festival Winners

06/25/2012 ● By Steve

PALM SPRINGS, CA (June 24, 2012) –The 2012 Palm Springs International ShortFest, the largest short film festival and market in North America, announced its Festival award winners on Sunday, June 24, 2