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Family's Home Destroyed in Flash Flood

09/12/2013 ● By Steve

A Yucca Valley High School arts teacher had her family's home destroyed in recent summer flash floods - with no flood insurance to help.

"Pop pop pop, get ready to watch the Yucca kids drop"

12/20/2012 ● By Steve

"Pop pop pop, get ready to watch the Yucca kids drop." That's what the Yucca Valley High School student posted on Facebook on Wednesday of this week. What may have been intended as a sick joke was taken appropriately as a threat by law enforcement.

Threats of gun violence made against Yucca Valley schools this morning

12/20/2012 ● By Steve

The San Bernardino County Sheriffs Department is working on violent threats made against Yucca Valley school children. Police are at schools at this hour.