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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Poem: Wreckage and More Wreckage By Don Kingfisher Campbell

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

for an adventure
 we drive 12 miles off road in a desert 75 miles from L.A.

Poem: The Wild Inside By Cynthia Anderson

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

I know it’s time to clean house
 by the grains of decomposed granite underfoot. They track in on the soles
 of our shoes, then needle our bare feet

Poem: Receding Moon

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

They say the moon is receding
bit by bit, like a person who needs to be elsewhere and wants to break it to you slowly, so slowly
you don’t even notice.

Poem: The Last Bird

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

In the trees, along the lake,
countless water birds
breed in the winter months.
Snow-white egrets resting
beside soot-black cormorants,
the mighty open bill storks lived peaceably next to the small white ibises,

POEM: Blue Tattoo

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

we took care of her, the white girl
 the grandson of the last traditional chief of the Mojave Indians told the crow

Poem: Spring Stream

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

A clapping cloudburst created an instant stream in Palo Verde Wash: a small gush of water with a tenuous life span. With one strong breath the cloud fled, leaving the birthing steam.

Poem: Memories of the Sun

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

The housing boom has advanced inland from the coast, bring- ing the rumble and bleat of bulldozers to our bucolic desert community. In almost every vacant lot, houses are built with jackrabbit quickness and sold before their dun-colored stucco coats dry

Excerpt from JANE: The Women Who Loved Tarzan By Robin Maxwell

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

Her age was indeterminate—somewhere approaching thirty, but her presence was one of striking vitality and self- assurance. She was tall and slender beneath the knee-length suit coat of fine brown wool. Her honey-colored hair was tucked up beneath a simple toque of black felt, not one of those large frivolous feathered creations that these days hung perilously cantilevered over a woman’s face

Book Review: Jane: The Woman Who Loved Tarzan By Robin Maxwell

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

Local hi-desert writer, Robin Maxwell, author of O, Juliet, and many other popular works of historical fiction, has written a book about another famous pair of lovers, Tarzan and Jane. The story focuses on Jane, a brilliant strong- minded woman and her relationship with apeman Tarzan.

Book Review: West By
 Lars Strandberg, Lars Aberg and Ronnie Nilsson Photographer Writer Designer

08/01/2012 ● By Denise Brown

I love this book! Three Swedish men share their adventures in the American West using photographs, lyrical prose and design as the mediums to convey their love affair with America’s breath-taking western landscapes and ways of life.
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