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The Paul Chesne Band



April 5, 2013


"11:18 pm Paul Chesne leaves the stage to a crowd full of appreciative

screams, backslaps, highfives, other peoples’ girlfriends following

him and general mayhem."

Jeanette - Losanjealous

"Hey I got to tell

ya that Paul Chesne band has solidified itself as the official Fly

Fishing music of me and my cohort....He never heard of you guys till we

rolled up to bishop for some fly fishing and rocked that

hes hooked and every spot we go fishing you guys are rockin the

camp!...had my cd player and only cd played was white mans curse...."

Tessandori - Bakersfield

"The bill

featured singer-songwriter-guitarist Paul Chesne who manages to weld

together the raw roots-rock side of Neil Young, the bittersweet

folk-rock plaint of Tom Petty, the down-home twang of Jimmie Dale

Gilmore, and the urban grit of Lou Reed."

Mike The Knife - MOG Blog

"The latest album from Chesne is a vibrant, life affirming, affair with

a large cast of players adding to the mix on the roots blend of rock

and twang. The songs are all by Chesne and he delivers a strong and

purposeful vocal over the keyboard and guitar-led ensemble."

Steve Rapid (The guy who told U2 to change their name from "The Hype") - Lonesome Highway

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