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The Far West! w/ special guest THE DRIFTWOOD SINGERS

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The Far West have an authentically Americana sound that’s been described

as something like Waylon’s band jamming with Wilco. In keeping with the

W theme one also hears a little Willie, Whiskeytown and Woody, as in

Guthrie, in their music. Their songs are highly personal, introspective

and original and betray a deep love of American music that runs from

‘Nashville Skyline’ to the Opry of the 1950’s, from the red dirt of

South Texas to the streets of Bakersfield. It’s music you can dance to,

start a brawl with or cry in your beer over, however the spirit moves


The Driftwood Singers unassumingly take the stage and sing songs that

could have been written ages ago but were more likely written in the

last few weeks. Just barely in their 20′s The Driftwood Singers are

prolific writers immersed in the folk tradition building on songs and

stories that at their heart are observations of the human condition in

all it’s gruesome variations and beautiful splendor.

Constantly on the road since beginning the band nearly two years ago at

the age of 19, playing all over the country and Canada, The Driftwood

Singers are quite a surprising contrast to what one might expect from

two kids born and raised in the heart of Los Angeles. They prove that

one can love the Carter Family and traditional music and still be firmly

in the present with songs as vibrant and alive as any we’ve heard and

an attitude that embraces the anti-elitist and DIY ethos of the punks we


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