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Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash



May 24, 2013

Described by Rolling Stone as "pure Americana heart

and soul" -The Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash are the voice and vision of

songwriter Mark Stuart. Since forming the group in 1995, he's shared the

stage with such notables as Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Willie Nelson,

George Jones, Lucinda Williams, and Steve Earle. He's built an

international reputation as a skilled recording artist, producer, and

tireless live performer. He was personally given permission to use the

band's name by the "Man in Black" himself. Then Stuart and the band also

received the additional endorsement of an invitation to record at

Cash's home studio "The Cash Cabin" in Hendersonville, TN.


With the release of their debut cd "Walk Alone"

in 1999, the Bastard Sons quickly proved they were a creative force on

the forefront of the

Alt. Country/Americana Music scene. No stranger to the road, their

constant touring and hard work built the band a loyal grass roots

following both in the States and abroad. Whether sharing his songs in

front of thousands at one of Willie Nelson's Annual 4th of July picnics,

or recording duets with Billy Bob Thornton in the Hollywood hills, for

Stuart it's all about respect. "The Bastard Sons never were, and never

will be, a Johnny Cash tribute band". "We've never tried to imitate

anyone, it's always been about honoring the musical ideals of our

heroes. Paying respect to the integrity, independence, and originality

that made artists such as Cash, Willie, and Waylon who they are".

A passionate advocate of keeping the sounds and

traditions of American Roots Music alive, Stuart has done his best to

stretch their boundaries. Framing his stories in the lean bar room

Honky-Tonk born in the Bakersfield dust, he adds elements of Western

Swing, Tex Mex, Folk, Rock, and Bluegrass to create the Bastard Sons

unique "Texacali" sound. His songs have been included on several

European compilations focusing on the groundbreaking artists in the

genre, including the well respected "Way Beyond Nashville", and

"Beginners Guide to Americana". His music has recently found more

exposure on the hit HBO television series True Blood.

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