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A look at the lives of 19th-century composers Clara and Robert Schumann. The film focuses on the turbulent love life of German concert pianist Clara Schumann and explores the difficulties of her marriage and her career when she and Robert and their 5 children move to Dusseldorf in 1850. Robert grows increasingly ill and Clara ever more captivated by Robert’s protégé, the much younger composer, Johannes Brahms. As one would expect, the film contains some extraordinary musical moments.

Writers: Nicole-Lise Bernheim, Helma Sanders-Brahms

Director: Helma Sanders-Brahms

Runtime: 109 min.

Genre: Biography | Drama | Music

Country: Germany | France | Hungary

Language: German w/English subtitles

Distributor: Bodega Films ????

Rating: N/R

Starring: Martina Gedeck (The Lives of Others / The Baader Meinhof Complex / Mostly Martha), Pascal Greggory (La Vie en Rose / The Page Turner / Queen Margot) and Malik Zidi (Water Drops on Burning Rocks / Place Vendôme / Changing Times)

FESTIVALS: Japan: Deutsche Film Festival, Tokyo; Shimizu Film Festival; Germany: Berlin International Film Festival, Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival; Cannes Film Market, France; Santa Rosa International Film Festival, US

Official website (French):

Trailer (German, no subtitles):,geliebte-clara.html

Additional information: 760-770-0507 and

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