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The Trickster: Coyotes of Joshua Tree National Park

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The Joshua Tree desert environment’s stark beauty does not lend itself to visions of abundant wildlife, especially the larger species. The desert is, however, surprisingly full of animal life. One of the larger and most successful natives is the coyote (Canis latrans). As comfortable a city dweller as a resident of remote desert regions, his cunning and intelligence are legendary. Limited to northern Mexico and the central states when Europeans came to North America, their range now extends from Panama to Canada and every state including Alaska. Legend portrays him as full of contradictions. Both wise and foolish, frivolous and cunning, the loser who remains unbeaten, and keeper of magic, he is portrayed as the breaker of boundaries that eventually learns from his own folly. Join Liz Hile, Curator of Animals at The Living Desert, in examining just what makes the coyote such a fascinating and prevailing survivor, and explore the desert environment in which it thrives.

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