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Desert Snakes: Mystery and Intrigue* (Biology x414.51, 0.5 unit)

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Feared and respected by many for their potential to inflict harm, snakes have long captured the fascination of humanity. William Hayes will introduce participants to a remarkable variety of venomous and non-venomous snakes that inhabit Southern California’s deserts in this class. Due to the usual heat of September, we will have a quick orientation and then leave the classroom to look for snakes and other reptiles. After our exploration, we will return to the classroom where Dr. Hayes will discuss the many adaptations that are essential for snakes to survive in the desert ecosystem including unique morphological, physiological, behavioral, and ecological traits. Snake venom will also be discussed in detail providing answers to the following questions. What, exactly, is venom? How is it made and how is it delivered? Can venoms be beneficial? The class will explore the surrounding desert to identify reptile habitat and hopefully see some snakes! Click to read the article printed in the Loma Linda University newspaper reviewing Dr. William Hayes' Desert Snake class.

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Joshua Tree Gateway Communities, Palm Springs & Coachella Valley, Death Valley, Ridgecrest & Northern Mojave, Anza-Borrego, Imperial Valley, S. CA Deserts