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The Joshua Tree: Ecology of a Keystone Species

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Joshua trees are not only icons of the California deserts but are critically important elements of the Mojave ecosystem. The success and survival of dozens of species is dependent upon the moisture, food and shelter provided by the trees and across thousands of square miles of desert landscape they are the only sources of these resources. Recent climatic trends now place numerous Joshua tree populations in jeopardy with serious impacts upon the species which depend upon them.

New studies have shown that two species of Joshua tree exist and northern and high-elevation populations are doing well in spite of climate change. These discoveries are positive signs for the species as we head move forward in this new century.

The book, The Joshua Tree: Ecology of a Keystone Species by James Cornett, is included in the course fee.

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Joshua Tree Gateway Communities, Palm Springs & Coachella Valley, Las Vegas Area, Death Valley, Ridgecrest & Northern Mojave, Anza-Borrego, Imperial Valley, S. CA Deserts