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Run Downhill


Run Downhill - Songs of the Desert Highway free 8pm!

July 5, 2013

Run Downhill is a Los Angeles-based indie-country and Americana music

ensemble, featuring Colin Burgess, Nate LaPointe, Tom Moose, Justin

Smith, and T.J. Troy. A band of varied and eclectic roots, they combine

the classic country stylings of the mid-20th century with modern indie

rock, folk, and world music aesthetics. Combined with

storyteller/lyricist John Castlerock’s rough and heavy tales of

hardship, Run Downhill positions their work outside of a traditional

music context, combining it with the world of comic art and graphic

novels. Add a pinch of the California coast for flavor, and the result

is broad, lush harmonies, deliciously sonorous melodies, and rich

textures, descriptive of the elaborate and self-referencing world of

Castlerock’s rustic fables.

Their inaugural EP, Giants (January 2012) showcases the

band’s early, primarily instrumental repertoire, featuring eclectic

song forms and lush arrangements, painting a vivid picture of the band’s

roots in their many varied musical styles. Troy’s tightly crafted

melodic writing, brilliantly performed by musicians Troy, LaPointe and

special guest artists Ivan Johnson and Ken Rosser, describe scenes and

landscapes of the fictional world of Run Downhill. Alongside the

up-tempo rocker “The Cut of A.P.’s Jib,” and the lonesome ballad “By the

storm,” this music is the soundtrack for a rustic world of imagination

not too unlike our own.

The true spirit of the band lay in the songs of T.J. Troy, and

storyteller/lyricist John Castlerock, setting the tone for the unique

cross-collaborative video works on their latest record, Kilbourn. Recorded in a single day, Kilbourn

was filmed and edited to include motion graphics by artist Scott Angle.

Castlerock’s story, “The Carousel Couple,” comes to life through

Angle’s brilliantly stylized artwork, gently animated by video editor

Eddie Young: as the audience listens to Run Downhill’s tight and

unfiltered performances, the rich narrative underlying all of Troy’s

compositions comes to life before them, each song adding to the

developing history of the world of Run Downhill, and brought to life

through brilliantly designed comic art.

Currently, the band performs regularly in the Southern

California area, and continues to develop their body of music and

graphic novel/comic-related works. The 5 musicians maintain freelance

careers as professional musicians, each with their own list of credits

and accolades: guitarist Nate LaPointe performs regularly with local jam

band heroes Cubensis and living legend Bobby Womack; Tom Moose is

active in bluegrass/gypsy jazz circles; Justin Smith regularly performs

with touring Broadway productions such as “Wicked” and “The Book of

Mormon;” Colin Burgess is active in the jazz and creative music scene;

and T.J. Troy is one of Los Angeles first-call world and contemporary


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