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Peace Chanting



At Rainbow Stew

Wednesday June 12th at 7pm

Please join us for this beautiful, gentle and transformative "work". We begin promptly at 7PM. Please plan on arriving no later than 6:50PM since the door to the shopwill be locked at 7PM! Chanting usually goes for an hour, sometimes less.

Facilitators: Stephanie Morning Star Sings and Mary Windrider


We chant the Vowels to create Peace within our own Hearts, Minds & Spiritsso we may share these vibrations wherever we are.


Grandfather Joseph Rael/Beautiful Painted Arrow shares and teaches.....

"In 1984, I received the vision to build peace chambers or sound chambers where people chant together to bring about peace."

and.... "Chanting affects our bodies on a cellular level and it affectsall the earth and plants as well. It clears away blocks so that life energycan flow uninterrupted; it frees stuck energy in the physical world aroundus. Chanting also brings new energy from the heavens.....In chanting we plant the here-and-now with the seeds of our intentions for the future."


From Beautiful Painted Arrow's work Being & Vibration ......

A (aah) Purification, Direction of the East, the Mental Body

E (eh) Relationship, Direction of the South, the Emotional Body

I (eee) Awareness, Direction of the West, the Physical Body

O (oh) Innocence, Direction of the North, the Spiritual Body

U (uuu) Carrying, the Center of the Medicine Wheel

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