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A Gathering of Spirit Speakers



Discussions of Spirituality Consciousness

Meeting from 4-6PM (June 16th)

The 3rd Sunday of each month

There is no "fee" for this Gathering though a Basket will be set out for GiveAways/Gifts to cover costs for Use of Space. (No one will be excluded because of lack of funds)


The intention of the group is to further camaraderie within our High Desert Community and to enhance our knowledge of different aspects of spirituality.

These monthly Gatherings will not be led by any one teacher,rather those participating will be sharing their personal experiences inthe broad spectrum of the realm of spirituality.

Our intention is to open our hearts to all disciplines and beliefs.It will be through participation, whether as the preenter of "Topic of the Month" or as an interested participant in discussion that will create the energy of these sessions.


The Speaker for June's The Gathering.....3rd Sunday, the 16th is

Stephanie Morning Star Sings

Topic: Spirit Moves: A Journey

Joshua Tree Gateway Communities