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Space Rock Star Jam 2
SCDVA presents "Wormhole to Lyra"



The Wormhole to LYRA

Sounds of delight meld with the cosmic energy of stars. Thus, opening that elusive wormhole to music hidden within the heart of Lyra.

Live music & deep space viewing under the stars in Joshua Tree. Featuring the music of POLIO SUGAR ~ The 3rd EAR EXPERIANCE ~ SPECIAL GUESTS!!! Admission $10 (does not include overnight camping)

Make it a real event and camp overnight. To make camping reservations go to

The Third Ear Experience includes: Amritakripa Watts-Robb, Robbi Robb, Damian Lester , Bobby Furgo, Rojer Arnold, Don, Stan and Tony. Bring chairs and cushions; we bring music to accompany your journey into the Lyra Wormhole with Polio Sugar - this Saturday night.

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