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Lantern Light Tour and Ghost Hunt


Paranormal Investigator Kat Owen will co-host event.

For additional information please contact

Silver City Ghost Town Curator/Director J. Paul Corlew 760-379-5146

On Friday August 3rd a Lantern Light Night Tour and Ghost Hunt will be held at Kern County landmark Silver City Ghost Town in Bodfish. The tour will be guided by J Paul Corlew who is curator/director of Silver City Ghost Town. During the last three events Corlew said that “Many people reported experiencing what they believed was paranormal activity including an antique gold scale moving by itself, recordings of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were captured and many photographic anomalies were noted by staff and visitors alike”.

Co-hosting that night will be long time paranormal investigator Kat Owen and son Danny of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society. “Kathy moved to Arizona last year and we have missed her. Hers was the first paranormal group to investigate Silver City back in 2006 and no one has logged more hours here or produced as much startling evidence as Kat. Danny is also a gifted sensitive. It will be nice to welcome Kat ‘home’ if only for a visit. She is scheduled to appear soon on a nationally broadcast paranormal show and will give us all the details while she is here”, said Corlew.

During the lantern tour Corlew will recount the eerie legends of the valley and focus on the numerous controversial paranormal events and sightings which have reportedly occurred at Silver City. This will be both a lantern tour & interactive ghost hunt with advice, tips & demonstrations from both Owen and Corlew.

Corlew has taken part in dozens of paranormal investigations both on site and off. He has also appeared on Biography Channel’s paranormal series “My Ghost Story”. He was also on the online based shows “Haunted Discoveries” and “Extreme Hauntings Live”. He is soon slated to be featured in the book “The Planet Paranormal Guide to Haunted California” by writer/paranormal investigator, Brian Clune.

Attendees who have always wanted to be part of a ghost hunt are welcome to bring cameras and their own ghost hunting gear & join in or they can just observe and enjoy the presentation. “We have had a lot of visitors in recent lantern tours bringing their own video and still cameras, digital recorders, LED flashlights [reportedly used successfully in communications by blinking on and off unaided] and other devices.”, said Corlew. “Recent EVP recordings, startling visitor photographs and a video of the scale allegedly moving by itself and other submitted evidence is posted on facebook”, said Corlew [ ]

Over the last 40 years the Ghost Town has been the location of dozens of alleged sightings of ghostly apparitions by visitors and staff alike. In recent years Silver City has also been investigated by many paranormal groups who reportedly captured evidence of poltergeists, Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP's), anomalous photographs and videos.

Tickets are available for credit card purchase via email ( or telephone. They will also be on sale at 8:15 the night of the event (cash only) at the gate and the tour will be from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. The cost is $12.00 per person (all ages). All proceeds from admissions & these special events are utilized (as they have for over 20 years) for the continuing renovation, restoration and museum acquisitions on site. No public funds or tax dollars are utilized to operate Silver City. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Next nighttime lantern events are scheduled for August 18th and 31st same time, same place.

The Ghost Town is also open 10 am to 4 pm (5 pm Saturdays) daily through Oct 15th. Silver City is located at 3829 Lake Isabella Blvd. in Bodfish. For all details of this event go to for information or to purchase tickets by phone 760-379-5146 or email