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The Songwriters' Circle
at Butler's Coffee House

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The big show for me, persoanally, is on SATURDAY, AUGUST 4. That's when we're pulling out the stops and presenting our first-ever "HEY MAN, PULL MY GUITAR" SONGWRITER'S CIRCLE.

It's something new we're trying. We're going to have three (count 'em, three!) of our most popular singer-songwriters sitting around the stage, swapping songs and telling tales about major chords, minor lifts, bad gigs, good hooks, inspiration and perspiration, bridges, rhymes and assorted songwriting crimes.

LAURA BROWNE-SORENSON is no stranger to Butler's audiences, having played both solo, and as part of the ever-popular BROWNE SISTERS & GEORGE CAVANAUGH, the acclaimed Celtic folk group. She'll be playing selections from her latest album of all original material, Marilyn Drive, a stirring and bittersweet contemplation on home, friends and family, as well as some old favourites and even a new song or two.

CHUCK ROBERTS is the evil musical mastermind behind Dog Tales, a independent syndicated show running on over 120 stations across the country, and an uncommonly sharp and passionate songwriter who isn't afraid to push a few buttons or toss the road map out the window. His rousing roadhouse Americana takes on modern life and what it all means will crawl into your heart, kick off their shoes and have their mail delivered there.

JOHN ZIPPERER is the head rascal of the raggle taggle band of musical gypsies known as JOHN ZIPPERER AND FRIENDS, but he'll be flying solo on Saturday, offering up his wry but upbeat take on folk, pop, blues and rock'n'roll, a combination that wanders somewhere between the musical eclecticism and good-timey vibe of the Lovin' Spoonfull and the simple pop pleasures of Buddy Holly and the early Beatles. But it's not all sunshine: John's clean, deceptively straight-ahead good-natured swipes at love and pain hide a shrewd, perceptive but always compassionate take on life and the people who live it. Plus, he has nice hair.

Together, Laura, Chuck and John will be taking turns strumming and humming, and singing (or winging) some of their favourites, spinning a yarn or two, and helping each other out a bit. Laura sings like an angel of the first degree, and Chuck and John have been known to play a little geetar. And they may even answer a few questions from the audience. But beware: this trio of troubadours likes to talk. And talk. And talk. Impossible as it may sound, I may not get a word in edgewise...

It'll be a very special night, laidback and casual, chatty and catty, even a little loosey goosey, but also entertaining and maybe even a little revealing. If you care at all about music or are interested in writing, creativity, the secret intricacies of the E chord and other mysteries of the musical life, come on down. But get down early, seats will be going fast.

This could be the start of a beautiful friendship...

* * * * *

BUTLER'S COFFEE has become just about THE PLACE for the burgeoning acoustic music scene in the Antelope Valley -- in fact, we were doing it back when it seemed everybody else had more or less given up on the idea.

So it's gratifying to see so many imitators pop up recently.

But why settle for a slapped together facsimile when the real thing is still here? Why settle for a mediocre, watery push-button brew when you can get handcrafted jolt of real java that'll take your head off?

For close to four years now, we've been offering not just great coffee but great music: our regular Saturday Showcases (2 acts, 45-minutes each), welcoming back old favorites and nurturing and supporting new talent. As well, we host occasional Friday Night shows, host Open Mics (10 minutes, anything goes), Java Jams (3-4 acts, 30 minute sets), and monthly meetings of the Antelope Valley Guitar Society, not to mention our Literary Jam Thang, We don't do electric so much as eclectic. Yeah, eclectic. You can look it up...

We're conveniently located just down the road at 40125 10th St. West in beautiful downtown Palmdale, right next to Buffalo Wild Wings and just a long, lazy made-in-China tube sock toss across the street from Wal-Mart. Our telephone number is 661-272-9530, and we're open seven days a week, serving up some of the finest java and light meals you're ever likely to swallow.

There's NEVER a cover charge at Butler's, but there IS a one purchase minimum; a small price to pay for great entertainment. And all customers must wear pants. Even Supreme Court Judges.

Wanna play? Contact out music guy, Kevin Burton Smith, at He's always looking for new talent and old favourites he can count on. If he said he'd get back in touch and he hasn't, NAG him.

Want more info on playing our Open Mics or our AVGS meetings? Head to the site at It's all there.






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