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Perseid Meteor Shower Viewing at the Park!
extra camping is available


Park to Open Ryan Campground for Perseid Meteor Showers

Joshua Tree National Park will reopen Ryan Campground during the nights of

August 10-12 to allow visitors additional camping opportunities during the

upcoming Perseid Meteor showers. The annual Perseid meteor event is

scheduled to reach a peak of activity on August 11. The 31-site Ryan

Campground is normally closed in summer due to low park visitation, however

in recent years night sky activities have become popular at Joshua Tree and

frequently draw large evening crowds to the park. The temporary opening of

Ryan Campground will allow the accommodation of more visitors who wish to

stay the night. Normal park camping fees of $10 per night at Ryan

Campground will apply during this temporary opening of the campground.

Park Rangers will also offer a special night sky program on August 11 to

view the Perseid showers. This program will be held at the Oasis Visitor

Center beginning at 8:30 p.m. The Oasis Visitor Center is located at 74485

National Park Drive in the City of Twentynine Palms. For more information

contact the park at 760-367-5500, or visit the park’s website at:

During the night meteors will appear to ‘rain’ in the sky from the

direction of the constellation Perseus in the northeastern sky. Perseus

rises into the night sky at about 11 p.m. Meteors are icy debris and

cosmic dust from the trail of comets that streak across the sky as the

Earth passes through the debris trail. Travelling at tens of thousands of

mile per hour, most meteors burn up from friction as they hit the Earth’s

atmosphere. Very rarely does a piece of cosmic debris strike the ground as

a meteorite.

Ryan Campground will close on the morning of August 13 and will reopen

again for visitor use in the fall.

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