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The Magic Mirror
creating collage mandalas



Creating Collage Mandalas

Sara Deutsch, M.S., Ph.D.abd

Educator, Creative Arts Therapist, Multimedia Artist

A mandala is a sacred circle, a visual meditation, a mirror of our inner world. It can be a power shield, wishing wheel, or a personal map for integration and healing. Create a mandala of your own empowering symbols, images, colors, words, wisdom and experience. Select your images from a wide variety of magazine pieces and include, if you choose, personal photographs. Collage techniques free us from gravity. logic, and the rules of ordinary visual perception, We can create any reality we want with scissors, glue and a treasure box of images!

Facilitator Sara Deutsch, M.S., Ph.D.abd, is a college teacher, Creative Arts Therapist, and multimedia artist who helps creative people access their unique gifts and highest wisdom.

Saturday, June 22, 1:00-3:30 p.m.

Rainbow Stew


$20-35 (Preregister Please)

Joshua Tree Gateway Communities