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The Perils of Goldilocks


The Summer Youth Theater Production of "The Perils of Goldilocks" is

now playing weekends through July 27th at Theatre 29. The show,

designed for younger audiences and performers, will play five

weekends, Friday and Saturday evenings at 7:00 pm, and two Sunday

Matinees at 2:30 pm July 7th and 21st.

The special production, Directed by John Wright with Assistant

Director Lizzie Schmelling, is actually made of two one act plays.

The first act, "Goldilocks", by Matt Casarino, is a comic spin on the

classic fairy tale. Goldilocks is once again confronted by the Three

Bears...and Joe, the Bears' species exchange student. From

Goldilocks' house to the Bears' home and back again, a slew of fairy

tale characters cross Goldilocks' path to give advice and tell their

tales. The second act of the production is "Goldilocks on Trial", by

Ed Monk. Goldilocks is on trial for breaking and entering, will she

be found guilty and sent to prison, or will the truth come out? It's

up to Judge Wallabee and some very silly jurors to decide, after

hearing testimony from Goldee, the bickering Three Bears, and

surprise witness Merwin the Big Bad Wolf, among others.

Of his young cast (with some grown-ups) Director John Wright said,

"The rehearsals were great and it is a joy to see the cast bringing

their characters to life". Wright also had high praise for his young

Assistant Director, Lizzie Schmelling, a student at Yucca Valley High

School who has been involved with Theatre 29 for a number years,

saying, "Lizzie has been a blessing, she has really stepped up too

the plate as AD, I have watched Lizzie grow from this little girl who

played a page in Camelot to this beautiful young lady who knows the

stage like the back of her hand."

Wright is also delighted with his Stage manger, Nena Jimenez, a

student at Twentynine Palms High School, noting, "My Stage Manager

Nena is a young lady who from the get go has had everything set and

ready to go, she keeps the cast in line and is one very organized

young lady." Of his choice to have a young Production staff he said,

"I felt if I was going to put on a kids show I would give kids

themselves a chance to do all aspects of the show."

As far as the youngsters developing their performance skills Wright

added, "All the new talent that have parts are really starting to

grow I have seen some that didn't speak that loud at the beginning

now starting to find their "big" stage voices.

Tickets for the run are $12.00 for Adults, $10.00 for Seniors and

Military, and $8.00 for Children under 12 and students with ID. To

purchase tickets and make reservations call the Theatre 29 Box Office

at 760-361-4151 or purchase tickets online at

Theatre 29 is located at 73637 Sullivan Road, in the City of

Twentynine Palms. Theater 29 is an all-volunteer, non-profit (501(c)

3, community theatre organization that operates year-round.

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