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Tall Tales + The Silver Lining / Seth Pettersen + The Undertow / Babies On Acid 8pm free!
4 for the price of none!


Tall Tales + The Silver Lining / Seth Pettersen + The Undertow / Babies On Acid 8pm free!

July 13, 2013

Tall Tales + The Silver Lining


After the release of their 2011 album, Nice to Meet You Again, Southern

California’s, Tall Tales and the Silver Lining decided to try a

different approach to producing/distributing their songs for the

follow-up project. Front man/songwriter, Trevor Beld-Jimenez, thought it

would be an interesting notion to record sets of tracks throughout the

year and release one single per season,

beginning with summer. Each session was recorded at a different studio,

in both Los Angeles and Ventura counties, and various artists were

brought on to do the design for each cover, including Kyle Field, Jason

Bays, and Seth Pettersen. The Seasonal Singles were initially released

online as they were individually completed. The vinyl pressing of Tall

Tales and the Silver Lining marks the birth of these twelve songs in a

physical media format, and is the band’s first release with Rocketship


While performing extensively throughout California, the

band has played shows with a myriad of notable acts, such as: Dawes,

Kurt Vile, Deer Tick, Little Wings, Kimya Dawson, Blitzen Trapper, Neal

Casal, Beachwood Sparks, Langhorne Slim, Mother Hips, Tom Brosseau, and

many more. The group is influenced and motivated by a wide array of

artists ranging from the likes of The Rolling Stones to Burt Bacharach,

Neil Young and Crazy Horse to David Gates, and Minor Threat to Tom

Petty. Beld-Jimenez states that the songs on this album find their

messages stemming from “friendships, longing, love, an arch-nemesis,

partying, depression, joy, babies, and family.” Tall Tales and the

Silver Lining recently celebrated their fifth anniversary as a band, in

one form or another, and this compilation is their sixth release.

Some reviews of the Seasonal Singles:

Folk Hive: “Check out the band’s catalog. Do it. For f#&@ing real, do it.”

Unpiano: “Tall Tales and the Silver Lining deliver a summertime night

drive’s selection of jangly, rambling, psych-tinged jams with the

delivery that matches the best of Vetiver, Wilco, and the like.”

Often and Loud: “A burst of brilliant instrumentation.”

Santa Barbara Independent: “Conjures thoughts of ’50s rock-and-roll minimalism and dusty Mulholland Drive-style landscapes.”

VC Reporter: “Tales and the Silver Lining’s Springles is enough to drive anyone mad for the want of more.”



Meet You progresses, so do its sonic tricks: “Into the Fray” boasts a

funky, Black Keys-esque bass line; “Show Me,” a galloping drum roll

straight out of the Old West. Even better, these sonic stretches don’t

detract from Beld-Jimenez’s lyrics, which remain as heartfelt,

imaginative, and sweetly nostalgic as ever.- Aly Comingore, Santa

Barbara Independent

Lead single Dyed In The Wool is a breezy, effortless number with a little Paul Westerberg devil in the details.- My Old Kentucky Blog

The album puts a fresh face on this corner of the indie scene. By

mixing in with their 60′s fold rock you’ll find traces of blues with a

touch of psych rock.- The Muse in Music

“Nice to Meet You

Again,” reveals that that he’s mastered unblemished, picturesque

folk-pop, best exemplified on the upbeat summer track, “Dyed in the

Wool.”- Ears wide open, Buzzbands.LA

Where Nice to Meet You

Again succeeds is in its ability to mirror emotions, to call upon

listeners to see themselves within the carefully chosen words, evoking

memories that may never have existed except in flights of fancy.- VC


Seth Pettersen + The Undertow



Pettersen was born and raised in Ventura County California. He started

writing songs at the age of 14. As a live performer, Seth has toured

North America, Central America and parts of Europe. Seth has shared the

stage with the likes of Feist, Kings of Convenience, Violent Femmes,

Donavon Frankenreiter, Little Wings, and Frank Black to name a few.

Seth is always changing the format of his live

shows, from completely solo (accompanied by loopers and effects) to a

full blistering rock-n-roll set with his backing band known as "the

Undertow". Each show is a unique experience.

As of 2012 Seth is

currently recording a new full length record with Joel Jerome (Dios,

Babies on Acid). A tentative release date has been set for late spring.

The reviews of Seth's last record 'Skate Away EP' have been favorable:

This is bottled sunshine. It’s surf, sand and skateparks. And it’s

familiar territory for this Southern California songwriter. With a

short, sweet EP Seth Pettersen reaches beyond pop sentimentality and

surf guitars to plumb the deeper waters offshore. But even in the

deepest waters, this lifelong surfer knows that sometimes a sandbar pops

up and you can put down your feet. Survey the scene. Behind the sundown

glow and the salty hair, Pettersen sees something somber and

reflective. At first he’s ready to run from the hurt. “I think I know

what to do/to take away my safety blues,” he sings in “Biscuits (Disarm

Everything). Skate, surf, run – for the first half of this short EP it’s

flight over fight. But toward the end of the record Pettersen faces up

those fears and the songs take on new life. “Mother is a Moth” is a

beautiful dirge. “Once in a While” is a hula funeral fueled by the slide

guitar work of Neal Casal (guitarist for Ryan Adams’ now defunct band

The Cardinals). “Is it better to turn than to face your fear?” In

answering that question, Pettersen swims away from shore only to return

again riding the tide.

-Jay Cullis

"Skate Away" is the

perfect summer anthem, offering all the fun, lightheartedness of The

Beach Boys, while at the same time adding a Ramones-esque punk rock

flare. I dare you to listen to it without tapping your feet and bobbing

your head.

Babies On Acid



ON ACID is a group that plays experimental thriftstore folk. heavy bass,

organ/acoustic, drums and tons of vocals. SONGS SUPREME


On Acid include former members of Dios [later re-named Dios (malos)]

from Hawthorne Ca, home of The Beach Boys, Redd Kross, Chris Montez,

Emit Rhodes and many others.

you will LOVE this band.

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