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730pm: THE BOWMANS + DUO DEL SOL free show!

July 18, 2013

We decided that we like it when we're described as an Indie Americana

duo from the eastern Iowa Mississippi flood plain, now migrating

globally while still holding onto New York as our most returned-to home

(and mailing) address.

We're ambitious sisters who have learned

how to get along well enough to tour just about non stop over the last 3

years. Our music is championed by U.S. record label Mother

West (NYC and LA) and European Label Rounder Records, now Continental.

Our music has been featured in U.S. Starbucks stores, in an Italian

documentary film, by the Memphis Ballet, on the Cayamo jouney through

song cruise (Thanks, Paste Magazine!), Amoeba Music, and many other

nooks and crannies.

The music is dynamic, hopeful, joyful,

heart wrenching, and straight. No, not straight. It's hard to

pidgeonhole, really. And even Sarah and I have differing perspectives on

what the music's about.

" 'The Bowmans reveal an enchanting blend of voices... Clearly there

are no boundaries that keep the Bowmans fenced in as they find

themselves "On the Road," a pastoral slice of Jesse Sykes-style rustic

pop where they discover (but don't care) that "the road may take a toll

on you." "

- Steve Appleford, LA Weekly (Jan 30, 2008)

"'Their music resonates with a distinctive personality all its

own'their gentle demeanor finds them wistful and whimsical. It's a sound

that brings the Roches to mind ' but only when those Roche siblings

reveal their more sobering side. "

- Mare Wakefield, Performing Songwriter Magazine

"The harmonies are indeed stunning' the choral purity of their voices

lends a hymn like quality to the songs'the strength of the material and

those amazing voices... has ensured The Bowmans have a growing

following on the New York folk scene."

- J. Alder, Americana UK


Sarah likes to say that The Porker

Song, which "Claire" wrote when "she" was eight, is our most popular

song. I feel like I can't take credit for it's "genius" as she calls it,

because it feels like exploiting my former self. It's just a song about

a pig (anyway)!

Claire (me), thinks that Sarah writes songs to

create or inform her future self with their wisdom. She writes what

she's not yet able to hear so she can reflect later. She probably

doesn't agree with me about that, but she offers a lot of hope and

insight, and expertly expresses it through what I believe to be an

amazing talent in the craft of songwriting. Or is it an art? Or is it

not an art until it all comes together?

We're harmony based. We

both like to sing a lot so we make sure there are a lot of harmonies to

keep us both vocal as much as possible. (It's like we're fighting for a

melody line.) And I like to play toy instruments. And we both draw from

influences as old as Palestrina and as current as Gillian Welch to

create our harmony structures, which are so ingrained in us that we have

to analyze them later to figure out where they may have originated.

And I should have let a professional write this description, but here it is for now until it gets edited.

:) Enjoy!

Dúo del Sol \Dew-oh-dell-soul\, noun: 1. Expansive kinetic energy no longer capable of holding back. 2. Music that reflects a worldview, distilled into a voice for modern ears. 3. A journey of visceral emotion across a rugged landscape.

Violinist Javier Orman, a native of Uruguay, embodies an array of influences ranging from J.S. Bach to Radiohead. Javier's musical associations include Gustavo Dudamel (a fellow graduate of El Sistema) and Christopher O'Riley (NPR's "From the Top"). In 2009, he founded Kidzymphony, an El Sistema-inspired orchestral program in Charleston, South Carolina, that continues to nurture over fifty young children in music each year. Javier lives in Santa Monica, California.

Guitarist Tom Farrell was born in Woodstock! (Illinois) While at Northwestern University, he studied with Oscar Ghiglia, protege of the legendary Andrés Segovia, at the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Italy. On occasion, Tom's passion for life has led him toward unexpected job choices, including milking and herding sheep in the Italian countryside and driving a Good Humor ice cream truck in the sweltering midwestern summers. An invitation to play on a presumably 'indie-film' project placed him on the soundtrack, along with Christina Aguilera, of Will Ferrell's feature film 'Casa de Mi Padre,' co-starring Gael García Bernal.

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