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The Paul Chesne Band



July 19, 2013

About the band:

We are like here’s everything we’ve got. And some

stuff we don’t. Lay it down on the line. Hopefully it will touch you in

some way that promotes empathy for your fellow souls. It’s the

futuristic blues or something. It’s an emotional clusterfuck or epiphany

as it were. It is the chaos and rhythm and wonder and ecstasy and the

blues. Better known as rock and roll.

We’ve played hundreds

of shows together over the last several years. The band is made up of

some seriously bad ass musicians. We can do solo acoustic, all the way

up to 10 piece extravaganzas. Mostly we play 5 piece rock and roll.

Dutch Suoninen on electric guitar, Mississippi Steve Tegel on the bass,

Rich "never tardy for the party" Berardi on them drums, Jon “E. B.

Badd” Niemann breaking notes on them keyboards and me on the acoustic

and sometimes electric and breakdancing skills.

"At first blush the music of the Paul Chesne Band sounds like barroom

bluster that goes down like a dollar draft. Stay sober enough to catch

Chesne's wordlplay, though; The stuff on his album "Wet Dog Man" is a

spit take waiting to happen."

Kevin Bronson - Los Angeles Times

Paul’s a singer song writer in the vein of Gram Parsons, Early Wilco

era Jeff Tweedy,&Exile On Main Street era Rolling Stones.

Singin’, dancing’, down on his knees, screamin’ to some empty bottle or

some woman. His backing band is solid, to say the least."

Jake Drake - The American Underground Blog

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