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Red Huxley is a band made up of raw guitars, raw vocals, loud crashing

drums and high energy coupled with a bluesy soul. The trio from Cape

Town; with Dylan Jones on guitar, Matthew Pullen on bass, and Murray

Stephenson on drums, have been gigging around the city after the release

of a 4 track EP in early 2010. With a lighter garage blues side similar

to early Black Keys and late 60’s Stones records

to a much heavier rock sound reminiscent of Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters,

and Queens of the Stone Age, Red Huxley’s sound is difficult to place

within a single genre.

Starting out jamming in a squashed

bedroom, the three discovered their sound and have since played some

great gigs like Oppikoppi 2011 and along side some of South Africa’s

biggest acts including Taxi Violence, Van Coke Kartel and Shadowclub.

Saying goodbye to their day jobs the band have started working hard to

makes things happen, which can be seen with their recently released

single ‘My Own Way’ and a music video that, on the back of the Black

Keys meets Led Zeppelin sound, takes you on a journey through the desert

and leaves you wanting more.

In August 2012, Red Huxley was lucky enough to go backstage at One

Night in Cape Town and meet one of their favourite bands, Eagles of

Death Metal. They had other intentions in mind besides just meeting the

band, and gave the guitarist, Dave Catching, their EPK and EP and asked

if he would like to produce their debut album. After listening to their

stuff, he invited the band to his studio in Joshua Tree, California to

record. The band set out to raise the money to make this dream come true

and record in America. In March 2013, through a fund raising website, they reached their target. The band is now set to

record their debut album in America in July 2013!

Jason Daniello may have debuted his latest musical adventure, Clouds of Greer, at Asheville, NC’s 3-day Bele Chere festival just a

year ago, but the sound of Americana meeting psychedelia by way of

moody pop-rock has been his mainstay since the earliest part of his


Daniello, a multi-instrumentalist who strummed his first guitar looking out over the red rock mesas and sagebrush of a tiny

uranium mining town in New Mexico, made Asheville his home in 2006. Not

long after, he and his wife Liz LeBleu formed The Broomstars. Featuring

the driving force of Liz’s keyboards, the band released an EP entitled

“Silvermine Sessions.” It hints at some heavier elements that surely

spring from Daniello’s longtime love of heavy metal. The band was a

fixture in and around Asheville until they parted ways earlier this


As a teenager, Daniello started making his mark on the Albuquerque, NM music scene with the band Naomi. Rising alongside bands

such as The Shins, Hazeldine, and The Eyeliners, Naomi toured

extensively throughout the Southwest, releasing two CDs. In 1997 the

band grew apart. Daniello carried Naomi´s infectious choruses and mature

harmonies over into his solo career, starting with his band Jason and

the Argonauts.

Daniello has released two solo CDs, “Re-creation” and “Everything Good.” Both garnered him high praise and earned local music

awards. Though beloved in his adopted hometown of Albuquerque, he was drawn to the mountains of Asheville to continue his creative

journey. The instantly memorable melodies and brilliantly structured

songs are still there, but the sound is lusher, fuller and more powerful

than ever before.

And if the opportunity should present itself, ask Mr. Daniello to play Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots.” It just might be the best request

you’ve ever made.

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