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The Lonely Wild & Kris Orlowski
all ages



August 17, 2013


GENERAL ADMISSION / NON REFUNDABLE $10 Tickets available at ticketweb by clicking the link below:

Though I call both Bellingham and Seattle home, I’ve always

loved to move around. I get restless if I’m in one spot for too long. Shifting

from town-to-town, meeting new folks, and trying out a variety of lifestyles

and opportunities appeals to me. I think that it stems from relocating so much

as a kid, or perhaps simply I’m a child of the A.D.D. generation. I’ve always

blamed the artist within me for my fickle attention span, but keeping things

fresh and interesting has strengthened my songwriting.

I’ve noticed the songs that I write reflect those experiences

and take-on their own lifestyle change. After eight years of traveling to

perform, these songs have gone on their own tour with various types of

exposure, from an intimate telling at a Polish pub, to a grand performance in a

world class theater backed by a seventeen piece orchestra. I’ve enjoyed the

raw, amplified sounds of playing as a five-piece band, and adding a quartet or

orchestra to any given show to provide notes of emotional depth and cinema.

As we march into the New Year, the band remains focused on the

evolution of the song. There is a new spirit to our vantage as we approach the

creation of a full length album. While I still hear collective notes of hope,

reflection and discovery, there seems a shift, another voice emerging – one

that grows louder as we take to the road.

- Kris Orlowski

“An anthemic sound — equal parts western, southern and something not quite defined by geographic adjectives.” — American Songwriter

“With them, indie rock has a whole new sound.” — Indecent Xposure

Rarely does a young band emerge with a combination of skills, talents

and vision fully developed. But the LA-based quintet The Lonely Wild is

that true gem who’s writing and arranging talents are only surpassed by

its members’ ability to work seamlessly as a singular, dynamic voice.

Picking up solid momentum from their critically acclaimed debut EP, Dead

End, The Lonely Wild quickly made a name for themselves in and around

greater LA with fans such as Nic Harcourt (KCSN), Chris Douridas (KCRW)

and Kevin Bronson (BuzzBands LA) on board. and opening for John Doe,

Damien Rice, The Elected, Laura Marling and Lord Huron in addition to

their highly successful residency at Silverlake’s famed Satellite.

The Lonely Wild’s The Sun As It Comes is a record that reflects upon the

times in which we live while taking the listener on a sonic journey of

impressive heights.


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