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Canyon of Ten Caves Discovery Hike with Paul Remeika
and Anza-Borrego Foundation


This hike is moderately strenuous- the hike is two miles round-trip and varies from easy to difficult. Expect uneven terrain due to rock falls, crawling on hands and knees, and negotiating loose gravel on the hillsides.

The most magical secrets of Anza-Borrego lay in its most secluded places. Besides being spectacularly molded by the forces of nature, Canyon of Ten Caves is a labyrinthine passage that offers the hiker a totally different geologic perspective on the unearthly terrain deep in the heart of the Vallecito Badlands in the southern part of ABDSP.

Join our resident expert Paul Remeika and be forcefully drawn to the magnificent ruin of the landscape, an “insider’s look” exposing an array of soft sedimentary layers from the Pliocene Epoch, obvious evidence of deposition from Colorado River delta silts, to lakemuds, floodplain sands, stream-channel sands and gravels, and outfalls of volcanicash. An astonishing assemblage of fossil resources are held within these other-worldly dry and wrinkled mud hills. High cliffs, alcoves, and erosional “mud” caves with narrow passageways ascend to the broken heights of The Wall overlooking Arroyo Hueso. The breathtaking views from the summit are phenomenal- difficult to describe yet impossible to forget- and well worth the effort.

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Anza-Borrego, Imperial Valley, S. CA Deserts