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Salton Sea: The Neglected Treasure with Paul Johnson
and Anza-Borrego Foundation


The Salton Sea is a treasure of abundant wildlife and mysterious geology. On this trip we will see thousands of white geese which spend their winter at the sea; a hill made entirely of volcanic glass; a salty field with miniature mud volcanoes that produce strange plumbing noises; a fascinating clay mountain that one man has been painting for more than 20 years; and a wide variety of birds along the shore of the Sea. We'll have lunch at the Salton Sea Wildlife Refuge, look for burrowing owls, and learn about the history and natural history of this fascinating place.

Driving distance is approximately 120 miles. There are several rough dirt roads where high clearance would be advised, but four-wheel-drive is not required.

This event is sponsored by Anza-Borrego Foundation. For more information and to register, please visit our website, below.

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Anza-Borrego, Imperial Valley, S. CA Deserts