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Arroyo Hueso Discovery Hike with Paul Remeika
and Anza-Borrego Foundation


Hiking side canyons and washes in the Vallecito Badlands can be very rewarding and adventuresome. Join our resident expert Paul Remeika on a geologic visit adjacent to the main wash of Arroyo Hueso. This three-mile loop hike will introduce the participants to past depositional environments that once existed here during the late Pliocene Epoch. Fossil beds, bracketed by several volcanic ash beds, will be visited and interpreted. These unique harbingers of yesteryear represent strong field evidence of a temperate setting much like that around today’s Lake Henshaw prior to the creation of a rain shadow desert.

This event is sponsored by Anza-Borrego Foundation. Please visit the website below for more information on meeting place and for registration.

Visit Event Website for More Info

Anza-Borrego, Imperial Valley, S. CA Deserts